Recognizing the Enemy around You!

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Right seed – into wrong ground?

Just sitting on my couch talking to The LORD, because I was grieved.  I knew there were persons who sowed with good intentions, but didn’t have understanding and revelation concerning the how, when and who of sowing seeds.

I knew they sowed to the wrong persons, or the wrong ministry, but they had the right intentions, so I was sitting here weeping about their lack of harvest and blessing, because they did something in ignorance of knowing some facts.

I heard the Spirit of The LORD say, “I AM releasing the stagnated harvest from seeds that were planted in a barren dry and unauthorized ground!”

He said the enemy tried to make it “non-counted’ seed, because it was given in the wrong hand, wrong ministry, wrong season, but God said, because you have repented from sowing without instructions, He shall now honor what was a dishonorable seed, because He had mercy, because you gave with a pure heart and right motive.

The harvest that was stuck, the harvest that was tied up, the harvest that was bound, is now coming forth.

This harvest is more than money.  This harvest will bring what you need in every area of your life.

Prepare for your harvest.  Make sure you have a Bank Card and account, and that you hear God in His instructions, because suddenly doors shall open and blessings miracles and provision are through these doors!

So what you waiting on, faith without works is dead, the door has opened!  Step into it!!

I’m crossing the threshold, stepping in tonight in fact.   I’m just going to dance and run right now, because I hear the sound of an abundance of rain and this one has broke the dam!

Overflow!  Overflow!  Overflow!

It’s not over, till it’s all over!

Praise The LORD.  The service this afternoon was on another dimension.  The power of God came in and we praise God in the place.

The Word today was, I AM IN THE MIDST OF A PAUSE BEFORE MY BREAKTHROUGH!  The Spirit of The LORD said to prepare for a resurrection miracle.

What seems to be dead in your life to others, is just a pause, so God can set up your miracle.  All you need is one word for The LORD and things will change.

Jabirus had a situation at his house that he went looking for Jesus to solve. In the midst of Jesus going to his house somebody else got healed.  After the woman with the issue of blood got healed the bible says while Jesus was talking Jairus received news that his daughter who needed healing had died.

Now here he was, having just seen a miraculous healing take place through Jesus.  Now hear that the healing he sought for his daughter was not to be, because his daughter was dead.  But as Jesus heard about the situation, he didn’t address the problem, but he spoke to Jairus faith and gave him one word, BELIEVE ONLY.

Jesus was telling Jairus, this situation is not over there was just a pause taking place until Jesus could get there to work the miracle!  

Some of you are going through right now thinking that you waiting on God believe His word and embrace His promise and it seems the deadline has passed for anything to be done but if you will ONLY BELIEVE The LORD is about to speak and bring it to life and present unto you a miracle!

It’s wasn’t over, it was put on pause, until the kairos time was declared in eternity to show up and bring forth life.  

Get ready some of you are about to experience a SUDDEN MOMENT of restoration!  I also want to say the ordination service was beautiful.  Evangelist Louise, do the will of God because now we have one more laborer for the plentiful harvest!

Recognizing the Enemy around You!

I’ve just been sitting before The LORD for the last three hours as He ministers into my spirit.  It’s nothing like quiet time just listening as He pours revelation and instructions into you.

There are times He reveals the hearts of people and begins to show you things about people’s character that sometimes disturbs you, but is not really surprising to you.  This time, God is requiring me to do an assessment concerning the vision, and those who say they are part of the work.

He spoke and said, Be careful of silent partners who don’t want to publicly acknowledge their association with you.  They secretly glean off you, receive your words of wisdom, obtain your advice.

You helped pray them through until they were restored or victory came, and then they publicly discredit you, so people won’t know that they came to you for help.

He said, stop allowing illegal people to drain you and obtain the oil I have given you.

He said, paid attention to even those around you,  how they publicly distance themselves from you, so that people wont connect them, to you.  They downplay their association with you, because they know your stand in the Kingdom of God brings warfare and controversy and they don’t want to be fought for standing with you.

He showed me these things, to let me know were the breach was at.  Where I’m uncovered by the intercessors.  Why sometimes I’m left open and get attacked.  To always make sure I cover myself.  To not put my trust in man, but in Him to know how I must pray to know my enemies and to give me instructions and strategy for warfare and battles.

God doesn’t want us in a place of ignorance when it comes to what is going on around us, or how people feel exactly toward us.  Closing our eyes to those things that God shows us to keep us alert, is not wisdom.  We have to see the reality in what is going on around us and who the enemy is using to fight against us.

You have to know how to sometimes war silently, without your enemy knowing that you see them, and recognize them no matter how cleverly they try to disguise themselves.

Being able to detect the movements of satan and to have God uncover his plans against you, is imperative for your long term survival in your destiny.  A skilled surgeon doesn’t do a lot of talking, as they are working they quietly perform what is necessary to keep what they are working with alive.

Their skilled eye see every little detail and they are able to recognize things that others missed, that could kill and destroy.  They are intensely focus and don’t allow the noise around them to distract them because they understand the slightest error could be costly.

In this hour, as you perform the duties that God has called you to do remain focus concentrated and steady in your walk with Him.  Understand that just because God is showing you your enemies, or those who are connected just sometimes for the wrong reasons, doesn’t mean He wants you to attack them, or to disconnect.  Sometimes He just wants you to know they are there, but for you to keep moving as He gives you the grace to work among those that are not necessary for or with you but are assigned and connected to learn and watch you.

God will bring those that are not honorable vessels into the presence of those that are to build character and integrity in them.

Not all my assignments or connections are pleasant, but because one of the mandate given to me in this season is to teach order and godly principles, and honorable character and build integrity in the Body of Believers, I will encounter those that need help in these areas.

Sometimes you have to appear dumb to be smart enough to teach to those that think they are getting over.  Godly wisdom is required in this hour because He is using the foolish things to correct things and people in the Kingdom of God!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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Recognizing the Enemy around You! — 1 Comment

  1. “Prepare for your harvest,.make sure you have a Bank Card and account.hear God in His instructions,.” Amen Sister,.A confirmation indeed. As i’ve been in the wilderness,up in that proverbial prayer cave,.for months Now. Father sending some rather parsimonious ravens at times. But my needs are met.
    And perceive The Spirit,.has promted me to expect miraculous provision in my bank account,.that had’nt experienced a Direct deposit within approx. 6 months! So be It,.Thank You!