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  1. Thank you for that word, Im not boasting, just going to tell you who i am, I was called to preach at the age of twelve, i am 46 now, i have seen God work miracles for others through me but cant figure out why i havent received my miracle, im in bondage and am in need of deliverance, When i stumble i get back up and i cry out for help but havent received it yet, i know God can, i have faith in Him, i have seen God move in miraculous ways, i prayed for a girl with an issue of blood and she was healed, there was a girl gone be sent to a hospital in kentucky and i went and prayed for her and they sent her home, i found a man on the side of the road, he had taken his last breathe in front of me and while the emts were performing cpr i prayed for him and he lived, there are more stories, im at a loss as to why God hasnt moved on my behalf, i need a miracle so i ask you to please pray for me, i know God can, i just dont know why He wont, please pray for me, Your Brother in Christ, Bill Ledbetter Third day ministries intl,

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