Retaliation — 3 Comments

  1. IT’S ALWAYS difficult to swallow especially as a believer being attacked daily at times can be racially, spiritually, and mentally. All the prophets and women stood in the front line were also mocked, sneered at, scorned, ridiculed and WRONGFULLY judged. These were once the sufferings of Christ. And, now in today’s WORLD are now suffering HIS pain and injustice.

  2. I would like people to check their understanding before they retaliate. Sometimes their understanding is a misunderstanding. They convince themselves that they have complete understanding, but they do not know everything about me. For example, I suffer from a painful headache condition and this can affect my memory. How can it not affect my memory? Check understanding. Fortunately, my headache is in my past so why go there? My apologies and your blessings

  3. AMEN! Thank You Lord For your Word!  When we Stand Still and Allow the Lord to Fight our Battles- we will Always end Up with the Victory! There is no need to Retaliate when the Lord has promised in His Word – “Vengeance is Mine- I SHALL Repay!” Said the Lord. ☝

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