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Revival on Both Sides of the Pond — 5 Comments

  1. Chris, these re-digging the wells time afford such rich experiences, as well as accomplishing whatever the Lord has commanded for the individual places.  I am reminded that back at end of January 97 with a close friend we visited a dozen or so of ‘one time’ places of revival in Wales, including Loughor, Trevecca, Bible School of Wales, Maesteg and Blaenenarch etc, seeking God for fresh outpourings.  Again in Novemeber of 99 I was in a party of Americans revisiting some of these places on their redigging the Wells tour, and have also taken others down to these places from our home in Worcester. The Lord prosper your commission at this time and bless you greatly in the process.

  2. Am so pleased to be seeing your prophetic words again recently, as you disappeared from my view for some time! 
    Regarding revival in the U.K., I too have been following Dutch Sheets’ posts on opening the wells of revival again, and heard of the dream about the Red River Meeting House.  But I wanted to tell you that Tim Sheets has recently been in Wales and had contact with the Bible College of Wales.  I’m a bit hazy now about the details, but no doubt you could follow up with him if you so wished.

    Every blessing.

  3. The histories and destinies of the UK and US are connected to an extent that most people in each nation do not perceive – and that some in each nation may now not even want to believe.

  4. Amen! As I read your post the Lord showed me a geographic connection between Wales and Azuza street that you are recognizing. Both of these places are located on the West coast of the nation. In the natural we tend to see weather trends in the movement of the wind from West to east, particularly here in the USA. The Lord is reopening these wells of revival so that His Glory, along with the prayers of our ancestors that are stored up in the bowls of heaven can be carried across the nation as the wind blows. Like you said ,no coincidence just confirmation. Many blessings xx

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