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Revival, Refreshing, and Outpouring — 7 Comments

  1. Let the REAL Church Say AMEN!!! HALLELUJAH & Glory to God! Thank YOU Lord! Lord We receive Your Great Outpouring of Your Spirit , FIRE & Shower of Blessings! Yes REVIVAL iIs HERE! IT is ALL working for OUR GOOD! SHALOM SHALOM!

    • Praise God! Amen and Amen! The divine Holy Fire of God’s Holy Spirit is falling upon many afresh! Thank you, Jesus! All Honor, Glory and Praise belongs to you Lord, we thank you Lord, for your Mighty Move!

      God bless you, Pastor Reinke! I thank God, for giving you such a timely message and Word, through the Holy Spirit, prophetically operating in his divine Holy Power!

      I take each step and day at a time, with walking with Jesus, not trying to walk ahead of him, but allowing him to lead, for he knows better than I, his ways are higher than ours. My soul and spirit, is hungry, thirsty for the Living Bread, for the Living Waters, that only Jesus can quench or satisfy!

      God bless and thank you, for sharing, Pastor Reinke! I extend much sincere love, the love of Jesus Christ you, your family and to the Bride of Jesus Christ!️❤️

  2. Thank you for this word from God! I really needed this prophetic word in my life. I almost was to the point of giving up but this word lifted my spirit up higher than high, thank you for your faithfulness to our God and to those of us who read these every day!

    • Abba Father, I stand in the gap for William today and lift him up before You and place him into the Nest in the Hollow of Your Hand.
      Please Father, pour into Your Son William the beauty of Your Love, breathe Your life into him today. Continue to release hope, encouragement, and vision…Eternal Victory Vision Father!!
      Thank you for restoring to William all the locust has eaten Father. I decree over him this Day, William will never be shamed again, and his joy will not be taken from him again.
      In the Name of Yeshua, our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer, our Friend, Amen

    • William I truly can Relate! Thank You Lord that You have not forgotten about William!  & That You are ALWAYS ON TIME! Bless You My Brother William and I DECREE NO MORE HOPE DEFERRED & NO MORE DELAY & NO MORE DISAPPOINTMENTS!- On your Behalf & for the Body of Christ TOO, with NO Backlash! May HIS Blessings & Goodness OVERTAKE YOU!  I also Decree & Declare that ‘3John 1:2 is Your Portion AMEN & Amen☝

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