Romance in the Garden

After the Lord spoke the above title to me …this

Song came to mind: “Romance me oh Lover of my soul…”

DANCE WITH ME by Chris Dupre
Dance with me
O lover of my soul
To the song of all songs
Romance me
O lover of my soul
To the song of all songs

Behold You have come
Over the hills
Upon the mountains
To me You have run
My beloved
You’ve captured my heart

With You I will go
You are my love
You are my fair one
Winter is past
And the springtime has come
Dance with me

“I never tire of time with you beloveds.  I am riding on the waves of the seas, and I am coming like a mighty tsunami with My LOVE and POWER, and all that you thought was impossible, will be possible.  REFUSE the spirit of UNBELIEF that is prowling around you and speak out the promises, out loud that are in My word.

As you walk with Me and rest with Me, you will feel a wind, and some will hear a sound of a mighty wind that will roar through the heavens to destroy all that has come against you to hinder you from MY purposes.

Don’t think that you have somehow failed as if I am not the MIGHTY ONE of Israel !  What I want to do will be done through you.  Only if you deny Me will you be unforgiven for the hour is at hand when many will compromise for the sake of saving their lives.  Did I not say that if you seek to save your life you will lose it ?

Lay down all doubt, skepticism, and unbelief in My love for you.  If you believe, putting all your TRUST in ME, you will soar in the days ahead for I am coming to destroy the works of witchcraft, divination, sorcery and idolatry that fill the lands, seas and skies all over this world !  War in the heavenlies is producing victory every day.  TRUST that I am hearing your prayers, and I am enamored with the Love that many of you are showing one another despite your differences.

I will do all I’ve promised.  Do not think you are disqualified.  REMEMBER who you are.  Remember you are seated in HEAVENLY PLACES.  Appropriate your armor daily !  Fellowship with My Holy Spirit and place all who are your beloveds in My hands.  I have big, big shoulders.  I know what it takes to move their hearts.  I capture every tear you have cried in a bottle.  And the bottles are filling up.  The incense that pleases me is arising, and it is being returned with RAIN, latter day rain, and harvest is at hand !

DEPEND ON ME and you cannot go astray.  Depend on ME, and you will know what to say when you need to say it.  Depend on ME and I will provide all you need.  I AM JEHOVAH JIREH !  There is nothing I cannot do !  Use wisdom by seeking My face in all you do.  Seek My wisdom in your relationships . Seek My wisdom in your daily activities, and in your home, work, church settings.

Listen while there is yet time, Gather together in homes, and churches, and wherever you can find others like minded and intercede for your nation, your churches, your families and friends, and acquaintances.

I am here, and I AM ANSWERING.  You just have to change your expectation, for long times in the desert have made you unbelieving.  But now you will see My rewards for your faithfulness !  I am blowing on my GARDEN of reknown, and I will blow away all the dross, and she will blossom like the desert rose and bring a sweet, sweet savory smell to all those who encounter her !  Linger am pouring out on you !  ”in My garden with Me as I call you close.  Stay and don’t run off with all the distractions that surround you.  Feel the breeze and smell the wonderful perfumes I am pouring out on you ! ”

of Upstream Ministries,
California on 2012-10-5




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