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Russia, Ukraine and Riddles, Fallacies and Patterns — 2 Comments

  1. agree what i believe is putin raised to be a jehu to clean up corruption in ukraine mainly originated from corrupt western leaders. NOTE HIS TARGETS!  the media lies as they are part of the corrupt western leaders and try to use media to drum up fear to get NATO to rescue their operation of control and corruption in ukraine.  be careful who you believe are you standing for the corrupt media and western leaders or gods plan?  ive lived in ukraine and russia and what media is telling you is a lie.  if putin oversteps gods plan, god will remove him but now hes part of gods will and if he frees ukraine of this satanic stronghold its been under we will see a tremendous revival there as ukraine people have suffered so much because of western corruption using their country for decades in human trafficking, money laundering etc. tURN OFF YOUR TV NONE OF IT TRUE

  2. Yahweh rules in the kingdoms of men. He uses nations to invade nations in order to set the captive free. God is working all these for His glory. At the end, peace and healing are Assured. Glory ahead for Gods creation. this Earth will not be destroyed but be glorified.

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