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Safe Zones & Pockets of Light — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Lisa,
    I just wanted to tell you the Lord tells me you are that lighthouse shining on the hill and wherever you are is a place of refuge to those that are with you.

  2. Good word sister. Thanks for the warning you always give but the hope also for the remnant and ones crying out. Much od the same I have heard also in the spirit. E.g ‘Save cities’ and different places of refuge. The Lord will see us through all things! God bless you. Joyce McGuire

  3. Dear Sister,
    The Lord told me, about 6 or 7 years ago, the home that I was living in at the time, would be a safe haven during the days of darkness. It would be a light in a hill, that shone through. (In my spirit, I would always envision a lighthouse.) The Lord said He would send people to that place and it would be a time of healing, of teaching, relearning. I happened to be driving by that place a few weeks ago and I glanced over, without thought. Holy Spirit spoke, “It’s almost time!”
    This home is in Kingston, Idaho.
    In fact, back when the Lord first told me, I shared the Word with the property’s owner. I reached out to him weeks ago when the Holy Spirit spoke again and asked if he recalled what the Lord had declared over his property. He said he did. I’m not sure he believes me but that doesn’t matter. If that is God’s will ~ it will be.
    Would you mind joining me in praying protection over this area, please?
    Lord bless and keep you

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