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See the Victor’s Crown! — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jenny,
    I am sure He has not forgotten you. I was given messages and promises decades ago, over forty years, no date attached and it has unfolded very slowly ,as prophecies later just seemed to prepare for the next steps and to also avoid unnecessary hurt and injury provided you obey. But you will win the race also with bruises. We undergo a strict military training program according to need. In my experience it is periods over several years in one situation, then a sudden change and so on.
    I am feeling terribly hurt and aching most of the time, just struggling, but when I am stuck I receive help also like Kelley’s post above and from Him to be able to advance a little bit more with His help.
    God bless you and Kelley.

  2. He has forgotten me.  I cannot have 3 kids like my mother and grandmother and we are the reason they lived successfully in their elder years.  It does matter and you cannot go back in time and make everything right – you cannot sadly.

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