September a Month of Divine Visitation


September will be a month that marks a divine visitation of glory and power upon the earth..!

I heard the spirit say this morning,  “Daughter, September will be a month that marks a divine visitation of My Glory and power upon the earth.

Now tell My people to fear not, but to arise and shine, for My Spirit is moving mightily in the earth to sweep clean, to separate, to scatter, to sift and to shift, for this is the hour of divine sanctification and purification in the nations of the earth.

Watch!  For My Spirit is moving in the fires, in the winds and in the waters that fall upon the earth.

Yes!  I AM coming to cleanse and purify.  I AM coming to expose, overthrow and overturn.  I AM coming to render judgment against the powers and principalities of darkness.

Watch!  For surely I tell those who have opposed My purposes in the earth will be brought to nothing.

I will expose their wickedness and naked.  They shall stand before men having nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.  Even their cries for mercy will go unheard in My heavens.

Who can stand against My Word being made manifest when I stand over My Word to perform it?

Watch!  As My hand of justice, vindication and judgement moves swiftly and severely in the earth in this hour.  Have I not said through My prophets that My Spirit is moving throughout the nations to uproot, to destroy, to tear down, to build up and to plant?

For behold, I AM doing a new thing in earth.  Do you see it?  For now it springs forth.  Surely no man can stop what I have predestined, planned and purposed for the good of My people!

Watch!  For a divine visitation of unstoppable power and glory now fills the earth.  For I have come to set apart a holy and sacred people for the purposes of establishing My Kingdom upon the earth in this season,”  says the Spirit of God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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September a Month of Divine Visitation — 5 Comments

  1. Hallelujah !!! Yes, I see your hands, upon the earth, Father God, for you are doing only what you can do. Glory to God. I thank you Father, for the awesome Mighty works, you are doing in the earth. Hallelujah, for your judgement is upon the wicked, indeed so, has come. Thank you Father, for All you are doing in the earth. Hallelujah !!! I love thee. Amen.

  2. I received it this morning, wedding get ready for the wedding from my head unto my toes tingles from the spirit.

  3. Here in Uganda, we received the same word, September a month of Divine visitation and enrichment!

  4. The Lord gave me a download about 9 months ago. It was an upward call to begin to proclaim, declare and intercede concerning His Winds, His Rain and His Fire.
    I wrote this the other day just before Irma hit the Keys.
    “We are in a window of 40 days since the Eclipse on the Hebrew calendar, as a time of repentance…. leading up to the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles.
    My goodness, are we living in an obvious prophetic time table…. Fires in the west, floods in the middle and winds in the east.
    I’ve actually been praying into this for the last 9 months.
    The Winds of His Spirit to change the atmosphere and send out the host of heaven for a great ingathering.  The rains and water of His Word to wash and prepare the bride, and the passion of Holy Fire on the Church.
    If the physical is any representation of what God’s spirit is providing because of mercy……”