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September Prophetic Word — 4 Comments

  1. Awesome Words, Glory, Yes, I’m in my due season any moment now I will give birth into the promises starting Now through December and onwards for the next seven years. Glory to God It is finished !

  2. This word is for me as i have been in the same position for 20 yrs with mo promotion was currently appointed as acting supervisor, had i not been for GOD Iwould not have executed my responsibilities with such diligence and truth.

    I have been faithfully waliking with God and HIM bening my focus at ALL times i see God hands moving in my life and i am grateful.

    I intend buying a brand new car for my family and i know God has worked it out for good.I Trust in the Lord ALWAYS

    Thank you for the prophetic word


  3. “August 30th I woke up hearing in the spirit “The LORD is coming”

    Many things you share today seems to be aligned with what
    I have received.
    I have recently shared a dream I had in the beginning of september which confirms the words that ‘the Lord is coming’
    and that the prisoners are soon redeemed.
    I believe that we actually are the scrolls that shall be opened.

    “our letter YOU ARE are 2Kor.3:2

    “manifested that ye are a letter of Christ 2Cor.3:3

    “Weep not, lo, overcome did the Lion, who is of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, to open the scroll, and to loose the seven seals of it Rev.5:5

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