Set Your Affection Above


“Where your treasure is there your heart will be also,”   Matthew 6:21.

As human beings created in the image and likeness of God, we have far more creative power and responsibility in this world than most of us ever realize.

In this season of the manifesting of maturing Kingdom sons and daughters on earth, it is of extreme importance that we as redeemed people of God awaken to our God-given authority to alter the created substance of this world and all that is in it,  (Luke 6:45).

The heart of man is God’s creative center to alter the created order and consistence of the created world.

Unseen Spirit God has all authority and all power to create, recreate, or change any and all created existence, (Mark 4).

As God’s Agents Mankind Must Choose

On Planet Earth, God has given mankind authority to choose to intimately relate to Him in a love relationship that fully connects the creative center in the heart of man to the full counsel of Spirit God, thereby creating the will and plan of God on earth in perfect alignment with the plan and power of God,  (John 15:1-17).

All world activity is affected by the creative power of the hearts of human beings.

Spirit forces that are received and allowed by man to be an input into the heart of man affect the creative center by planting seeds to grow into being first in man and then released from man to grow and bear fruit of change in the world,  (Matthew 21:21Mark 11:23).

The natural powers and forces created and put in place on earth by God along with the heavenly power and forces of heaven are available to mankind.

We have the power and authority to carry out the will and plans of God on earth through the creative center in the hearts of mankind.

There is nothing impossible to God.  All things are possible through the fertile creating center of the heart of man.

Whatever man sets his affection on can grow into being in the world,  (Matthew 28:18-20).

“If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sits on the right hand of God.  Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth,”   Colossians 3:1-2.

The heart of man is God’s fertile garden soil on earth that will grow whatever is planted in it.

The creating center in the heart of man is like the soil of the earth.

It can grow whatever seed is planted in it.  There are multitudes of seeds of many forms that can be planted.

However, there are only two ultimate sources of all seed.

There are two sources of life and death seeds from the spirit realm.  One is the true seed of life from God Almighty.

The other is a false seed of death that comes from a powerful fallen angel that is known by the name of satan, devil, and other names.

In the natural, it is the seed that determines what plant and fruit will grow, not the soil.

The soil will grow whatever is planted in it.  The creating center in the heart of man is like the natural soil. It will grow whatever seed is planted.

The seed of Father God in Christ Jesus planted in the hearts of people produces sons and daughters of God.

These are joint heirs with Christ Jesus, the Son of God.  By the Holy Spirit the perfect sinless obedient Christ Jesus grows into manifested life in our hearts and then out into this natural world.

Thus King Jesus Yeshua Messiah is alive and well on Planet Earth to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

The seeds of God lead to abundant life now in this world and in eternity.

The Kingdom of God is seen as a Kingdom of Light or the New Jerusalem city of the Bride of Christ in the Bible.

The seed of the devil planted into the hearts of mankind grows into sons and daughters of the devil,  (John 8:44).

By evil spirits of Antichrist, they grow into this world in opposition to Christ and the plans of God on earth.

The seeds of the devil lead to death or hell on earth now in this life.  The principality of the devil in this world is seen as a kingdom of darkness or Babylon in the Bible.

Seeds are carriers of dormant life.  The plant that grows from the seed bears fruit and multiplies the seed.

Plants from godly seed bring life and godly fruit into the world.  Plants from ungodly seed bring death and ungodly fruit into the world.

The seeds spring into life when received into the heart soil of and germinated with faith (believing).  The seed will not grow until it is believed in the heart of man.

However, the nature of natural man is to believe what is heard, seen, or experienced over time.

The brain or conscious is changed by repeated hearing, seeing, or experiencing either a true godly seed (word) or a false ungodly seed (word).

However, the heart in which the Spirit of Christ in the Holy Spirit is present and in charge will receive strong warnings that the incoming seed is false and should be rejected.

Yet, it still remains up to the person to decide to cut off the input of the false and turn to godly inputs.

On the other hand, if the heart is not filled with the Spirit of Christ in the Holy Spirit then the spirit of darkness will fill the heart and warn against the godly seed and confirm the seed of the devil as truth.

The heart is thusly blinded to the truth.  There must be an intervention of released authority to bind the darkness for the light of the truth to be heard and received,  (Matthew 6:22-24).

Setting Our Affection or Minds

News reporting is never just news.  Academic teaching is never just academic.

Movies and music are never just entertainment.  History teaching is never just teaching.

Every word spoken or written thought, idea, dream, vision, and every verbal, visual or physical action, expression of face, and movements of body or tones of voice become seeds sown into us and the world.

All of those seeds carry the spirit or Spirit from one of the only two ultimate sources of seed: either the true light or the false darkness.

We become mature sons and daughters of God by setting our affections or desires and attention upon God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit – upon heavenly things of truth and godly wisdom.

Feeding upon those things that come from Spirit God causes us to develop a taste for God and His goodness.

Seeking after Christ and His kingdom sets our affection on Him.  Children develop an appetite for the things they are fed.

Our hearts develop desire or affection for the things we feast upon.

We are the tenders of our garden soil and will become what we allow to be planted and grow within us.  What we receive and believe becomes who we are and what we will do in this life.

As children we develop a taste for what we are fed.

We are the guardians of the hearts and minds of our children who are not ready to make decisions as to what they will allow to be planted in the creative centers of their hearts.

What we allow them to hear, see, and experience are the seeds of what they believe, who they become, and what they will do.  Selah!

The Great Transition and Transformation in the Heart

The Kingdom of God is being brought about as the influence of God upon the hearts of His people becomes godly at all times, and the ungodly inputs are not received or believed.

Seeing and experiencing the greatness of the presence of God in our lives and setting our affection on Him enables us to turn from the foolishness of the false darkness of insanity and death and to fully turn to the reality of the LOVE, righteousness, peace, and joy of the kingdom of God in the Holy Spirit,  (Romans 14:17).

The reaping of the darkness is hell on earth manifesting in grave destruction.  People who are sitting in darkness are seeing a great light and moving toward it.

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death Light has dawned,”   Matthew 4:16.

“People are ripe for the power and goodness of the love of God and His kingdom reality in their lives. The harvest is ripe in the fields for the so called “foolishness of the preaching of the true gospel of the kingdom” in all the earth,”   John 4:35, 1 Corinthians 1:21.

Now is our time to shine forth the glory of God in the power and love of heaven redeeming earth to “as it is in heaven.”


Be made whole in His love,
~ Ron McGatlin

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Ron McGatilnRon McGatlin Ron has over 62 years of seeking to serve God in ministry and business.  Barbara has served in pastoral and Christian education positions for over 10 years.  They currently make their home in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA.  Ron has written 5 books on revival and the in-breaking kingdom and continues to write powerful apostolic/prophetic articles published weekly in the Digest.

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  1. Thanks for the preaching and teaching this week am so glad to be able to make my heart settle down in Jesus again the almighty is hearing my prayers glory be to God