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Severe Warning: Idolatry & Worldliness — 1 Comment

  1. It is very true. And I think that idols can be even more sneaky than that sometimes . We can be proud of being “humble”. We can worship being esteemed by the religious crowd more than being esteemed by God. We can worship receiving attention from others. We can worship our country & its leaders. We can worship technology or medicine, thinking they can save us. We can worship our intellect or abilities or education, trusting them more than God.  We can worship convenience & ease & then not obey what God is saying to do . We can worship the prestige of being respected, or being w/ respected people, and not obey God about being with people who are outside the norm. We can worship seeming like we have it all together because we want to seem so spiritual to others, and we never open up & actually reach anyone by sharing what is truly happening with us, and worse than that, never admit anything to God & open up to let Him change us. We can worship “tough love” always speaking our mind & confronting e.o. about e.t., and not obey God telling us to be quiet. Or we can worship seeming “loving” & never talk to s.o. about s.t when God tells us to.  And all the while reading our Bible and listening to preaching, and convincing ourselves we are doing well. The heart of man is desperately wicked and above all things deceitful. Only by God’s mercy can we escape it!  God sees the heart, & it isn’t what we do, but what our motivation is. Thank you for sharing!

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