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  1. T this is so powerful as I read it I am shaking once again. In the second week of October of this year I was put in a open eye vision and I was up above the west coast of the United States looking towards the Pacific Ocean. There were seven angels reaching from the lower part of the United States up to Alaska. They were standing in the ocean up to their knees. As I was looking at them I was shaken because they were at least 300 feet high or more. Their mouths were open very wide as if they were yelling. I could not hear anything and so I asked the Lord what they were saying, and Holy Spirit replied that they are releasing a sound that is turning into a wind that is the truth. They are releasing the wind of truth. And it will not be good for many.
    2 days ago, 9 December, while we were in the Prayer house in prayer and worship, the Lord warned me to pull greatly into him, into the union, to only keep our eyes on him because everything was going to start coming loose in the church. And things would begin flying everywhere. He warned me to stay close to him only and to only listen to his voice. We are in belief here in the homer house of prayer, in Alaska. That we are at a very crucial time and God is going to shake what we don’t even know can be shaken in the church. God bless you and we are praying for you all there, we are greatly praying for the remnant , whom God is raising up in strength in these days. We agree with your vision.

  2. Jesus testimony is the light in the dark world, the Christmas story of how Gods Son was born of Mary who was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit because she believed the word of the Lord. Jesus then spends His life demonstrating how God would act if YOU let Him loose on the earth what He would do, what He would say, the places He would go, how He would choose to live His life. Then we watch the impossible situation of death the power of the devil that separates us from our creator our Father, we watch the third day a flesh and blood God-made-man conquerors death and lives forever, He then offers the same principals the same truths to whosoever would like to live forever in His new book His new will His new testament, the light on the candlestick that should not be hidden should not be obscure the light that darkness should not overpower. Only a satanic wolf would dress in sheep’s clothing and obscure and hide the truth of what Jesus did for planet earth only a child of the devil would be part of such a heinous crime

    • Yes yes yes you are very right, and the Lord knows the truth. And I thank God for His truth. For many, the book of revelations is a mystery, but God in these days is opening the eyes of his servants and the ears, and expelling lies and opening up mysteries that have been held for such a time as this. I thank God that He speaks to us, and I thank God that I know him, my King, my Jesus. For yes he came for us all, and yes for those who will hear His words and follow Him and keep His commandments. I thank the Lord for such a time as this.

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