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Sing and Shout the Victory! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for this truthful encouragement by the KING OF KINGS, JESUS CHRIST.
    The enemy’s attacks were relentless, yesterday another worse attempt to destroy me in my car. They, the hit-and-run criminals, give their evil signs before and after they do evil. They have strategically planned my slow step by step destruction, they plugged in more death threats, in phone and around the house, even around and in the houses where I have to work. They know every minute where I am or where I have to be. GOD has noticed and registered all of their diabolical works. I was quiet for a long time now. They wanted my total isolation and to traumatize my once very fearless, faithful and in every circumstance trustful strong and never-giving-up-character and being.
    I promised to my family and friends that I never ever give up. GOD is giving me day and night His signs and comfort, mostly through white animals. The evil foes listen every phone call, and after my joyful words about the animals, they threw dead bees, flies and broken wings of a butterfly into my home. Many many more attacks had been orchestrated against me, since years. Thank you all for every comfort and prayer. JESUS CHRIST WILL RETURN SOON !

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