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  1. Hi there, I’d like to no, is it wrong as. A born again believer to sit back quietly at night and have a glass of Red or White wine? Is it offensive to God the Father? Love Debbie

    • Dear Debbie,

      I do not believe that Christians are asked to complete abstinence from drinking alcohol.  However I believe we are called to avoid drunkenness.
      One glass of red or white wine each night may seem quite acceptable to many, but I caution against it being every night, and becoming a habit or addiction; neither of which I believe will help us in our walk with Christ.
      Look honestly at the reasons which cause you to reach for solace or relaxation from a bottle, rather than from spending the same time reading your Bible and soaking in the Holy Spirit.
      The reason I say this, is because while occasional social drinking outside the house in the company of others, is one thing, drinking alone in one’s house is quite another and I do not endorse that.  Drinking alone at home, especially for women, can easily become a crutch and a bad habit which leads to the slippery slope of alcoholism and substance abuse. 
      Debbie, just for the record, yes I do occasionally drink alcohol, but not every day or every week or even every month and unless in company, certainly never more than one.
      Jesus turned water into wine as His first miracle.  Somehow, I cannot see that as being offensive to His Father.  However, the enemy is stalking you waiting for a chance to pounce.  Alcohol can easily provide that chance – so please be careful!
      I pray this helps you.

      Blessings in Christ,

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