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  1. Wow. I’ve been hearing of Marburg returning in the US as part of God’s judgement.Two different prophecies and more people being shown in dreams.Coming this fall.At first they will think it’s covid, but find out different later.(Weaponized virus for depop).Check “Marburg Rising: How to Rightly Divide a Prophecy” on Google…from The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog.

    • They are saying ebola has hit the Burning Man Festival but are saying it is a rumor.  I do not trust the MSM-take this to the Holy Spirit.  This could be the “Something Big is Coming”.  Those who have sought the Lord for the cure from this judgment virus that is coming were told by the Lord to take communion and plead Psalm 91 over our households.  Seek the Lord…

  2. Time to know underground no signal they track us now in all planing online tickets they are keeping tabs on our gathering as not being wise to echo to come here and tell the evil ones your plans. We don’t trust him to sent the invite to holy downloading. We witness you are answer to my prayers.  and the Devil device is all technology now as AI got connected. You now on sale on market block with bidders on capture. I ask for prayers to stop the hidden plans of hunting. I seen myself as hunted and his right hand kill connection to keep me safe. It time to go off the grid as grid is trap by design. No more anger for poor connection it protection.

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