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  1. I had a fantastic dream last night about the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen because it was gleaming white and so well appointed, like nothing I’ve ever seen.  ( I don’t generally like condo’s but that’s what it was) and it was situated in a place where the Lord identified to me as formerly Baal Mountain.  I kept saying I can’t believe how wonderful it is and I would like to live here – there were these amazing balconies that overlooked NYC skyline and all of the grounds below that is now a golf course was an expansive “well watered garden”. Right now there are three condominium towers called North Shore Towers. I heard those words “well watered garden” audibly in 1999 and believe this was a fulfillment in the dream.  I think its going to be a reality imminently.  It just seems that way! 

    Note: Baal Mountain (I named it) sits above Belmont Race Track where the triple crown was won by American Pharaoh in 2015.  Bill Clinton was in attendance.  I think he and Hillary (Ahab and Jezebel) thought they had it in the bag.

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