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  1. Wow i had a similar dream but i don’t really understand.what i saw looked like s sunset/sunrise from afar n it was light orange. It was as if i was standing alone by a beach pls what does this mean?

  2. On Saturday the 4th Nov, I had this scary dream of about 3-4 people wearing orange gown at my door & knocking it so hard. I could see them but they could not see me because my door is half glass & metal.
    I have been waiting in prayer for a very long time for my purpose, I felt it’s an attack . In the morning when I woke up I cancelled & nullified the dream in Jesus Name, I annointed my door.
    Having read your experience the first thing I saw was color orange & I remembered the dream. I kept asking myself in the dream where did they pass because we have a tight security at the gate.
    I was disturbed, now that they were in orange….& the symbolic you have given,Warning ! Am trying to figure out.
    Please anyone who can interpret led of the Holy Spirit I will appreciate.

  3. I love you so much for this clear message, shared from your vulnerable heart. Last night I woundrously had good sleep, after terrible nights before. I did not know that I’d need strength to receive the message of my mom’s passing away this early morning and other struggles. Yes – we must be READY. Often in the past weeks we got this warning from proven brothers and sisters. The robbers, the thiefs and all sort of evil pressed in very hard. So we must be stronger. And we are ! I will pray now as you asked for. God bless you, my sister, and those who allow us to communicate on this page.

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