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Spiritual Natural Communion — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you. Let the Kingdom of God fully manifest! Let us not detract from what is available and to be fulfilled in the Kingdom of God in us (in and not of the world, albeit greatly effecting this world) in order to collect God’s harvest, build Jesus’ body, and prepare His perfected bride for the wedding feast (Eph.4&5, Rev. 18&19).

    Then also, let us not detract from the upcoming catching-up of both the living and the dead (I Thess. 4) and the physical return of our Creator, Savior, Judge, and King (Is. 11, I Thess. 5, etc.) to reign for a thousand years from Jerusalem.

    And after that and the loosing and binding of the final war and final judgment, the new heaven(s) and new earth (Rev. 21). All these things must happen and in succession. They are not one event, not mutually exclusive, and not to be lost to us (see the alarming curse in Rev. 22 about that book).

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