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  1. Joelina, there may be spiritual factors that are invisible in the natural. May I suggest that you ask the Lord for eye-salve (Rev 3:18). You can read about the eye-salve in “The Hidden Kingdom” by Dale Fife. The anointing may help you to see what the problem is, but this is just a suggestion.

    • Peter Gross,

      I’m sure you meant it good, but I read the word of God only to find answers. And it’s written: The way into God’s kingdom goes through much tribulation and suffering. Everybody who lives a godly life will suffer persecution. Jesus was the man of sorrows, sickness and pain, hated by the whole world and despised. He was betrayed, tormented and tortured. They were after his life all the time, he had no place to lay his head and rest. And so on. Just read it. He gave an example which we are to follow. He showed us the way through his suffering. I am following the lamb wherever he goes. That’s the way to heaven, the only way. God’s word says we are not bigger than our teacher, if all that happened to him, it will happen to us also.
      So don’t be decieved by any books or teachers who are are saying the opposite of God’s word. If your life is not as miserable as Jesus’s life was, go into your prayer closet, read God’s word, repent and pray for discernment, deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Then you will also experiece everything what’s written in God’s word what would happen to christians who follow Jesus.
      God bless

  2. That word sounds so beautiful and uplifting. But I’m wondering when this will be. I’m hearing wonderful things like that for years and get encouraged that my great great super great misery/persecution/torture/torment would stop. But the opposite is the case. I always think the distress and great suffering is not toppable and then it happens. My pain is indescribable, incredible. I’m the end of myself for a long time already and my persecuters never rest, never stop. My body is destroyed, my heart broken into thousand pieces, my soul in great pain. And still the torture doesn’t stop, the great torment, I’m in great fear, pain and agony. I’m so sick and all alone, my persecuters right behind me, they got me, torture me so heavily. I’m more dead than alive. Where is God? where is the fullfillment of his promises? Where is the beauty for ashes? The oil of joy for mourning? Where is God’s goodness? I don’t understand? Did I miss something?

    • Joelina I am praying you receive your promises soon. Know that you are not alone and I feel you did not miss anything. You sound like you are a faithful believer. I pray Jesus your redeemer and Messiah blesses you and comforts you by relieving you of all your afflictions by his power and love. As this posted word above confirms. He will do it. Amen

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