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Stand and Withstand! — 2 Comments

  1. One more OUTSTANDING GOOD work at HKP with wisdom, power and holy admonition in truth & love !
    Thank you, dear sister Sandi. Our bond in JESUS CHRIST in UNITY together wirh many CHRIST-ians around the world is unbreakable. Our authority is stronger than any demon- or menmade weapon ! Because The KING OF KINGS is our sustainer, our best friend, our comforter, our lover, our redeemer. Shalom !

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement as we stand on the threshold of the hand of God turning this outrageous tirade against God and the spirit of TRUTH. He is stepping in to bring justice and righteousness again and President Trump will live to see the Fear of the Living GOd triumph over the fear of man and manipulation and witchcraft “seemingly” in total control..but God it saying it is enought! My mighty warriors are rising up to the call to fight the good fight of FAITH. Many blessing dear sister.

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