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Stand Solid, Unmovable, Yielded to God — 2 Comments

  1. So true, and so much comfort. Thank you from my heart, dear sister Sherry ! As I read your word ” advocate” I remember that long ago my grandmother said: “Our Marion writes like an advocate”. You are so clear in this message. The wicked continue in being / doing wicked, until GOD stops them, and the good continue in being / doing good, until GOD rewards them. There is at least one Bible verse written about this.
    As I read “you have risen to a new plane” I thought, well that’s one of the confirmations about my upcoming flight to Israel. I never had been physically there, but with my mom’s heritage (an amount given to 3 children and 4 grandchildren) I am able now to get there in the next month. Yesterday I booked the lowest budget flight, in a hostel with strangers in the room. I am VERY thankful and VERY glad for visiting soon the Holy Land. Once Esther said: “I must go. And if I should die, so I die”. Finally – she rescued GOD’s nation. My mission surely is not in that king’s palace where Esther was. But anyhow: It will be more than just a nice journey to Zion.
    Again, thank you for the good description / summary of how this world works. Let us PRAISE GOD – we are not of this world, according to the Holy Words of JESUS CHRIST.

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