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Stop Abbreviating God And His Name! — 8 Comments

    • My brother {:-)

      Although “Big Brother” sounds endearing, I personally prefer to only address Jesus according to Scripture;that way, there is no likelihood of error.

      In Scripture, He was variously addressed “LORD”, “LORD Jesus”, etc.

      Thanks for asking.

      God bless you.


  1. Amen! Thank you Pastor.
    We have the most beautiful and Powerful Name to use completely in all situations.
    Glory to our Lord Jesus !

  2. My Pop, researched the Name for years, “The Greatest Deception” is changing YHWH TO “GOD”, Big lie from the father of lies…

  3. Sorry, it is only a little part of the Whole deal. God,Jesus, Lord etc. Are bunk…His NAME IS YHWH, or YaHWeH,and His Son’s NAME IS YAHshua…

    What you shared was only the tip of the iceberg…

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