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  1. Every question that is asked to me I answer. For we shall not be guilty of anything, and even when it is an unanswered question.
    Concerning me and my family: Our life is in real danger. In our fridge there are water bottles that were opened by strangers, and to a special fruit juice bottle were added some poisoned liquids that caused heavy stomach aches. The half empty bottle was filled and the covering was lose. I asked the LORD and He promised that no weapon formed against us shall succeed. He told me through Jeremiah that I shall no more pray for those who tortured and tormented us so long. So this is the answer why I published again their evil works. I did never curse them. Bible tells in various places how enemies of truth plan evil things on their beds and they work it out for destruction. All warnings to them from GOD to stop gang stalking and terror by day and night – they ignored. A murderous spirit wants to rule in this world, and Christians are in danger. Even Daniel tells that in the last days they want to weaken and to overthrow every true believer. I am sure that many who were facing this, would stand up and grab their God-given dignity to tell satan and his cohorts: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

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