Talking with Angels


In the beginning, we wanted to be truly spiritual.  We were not seeking some mundane or boring routine in some kind of religion.

Many of our people had already had that.  It was the operation of the Holy Ghost that made things different.  This Holy Ghost, was something you could feel; it could move, and it was alive.  It changed people’s lives forever.  It was a much deeper kind of walk.  We all sung, “It is joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

We all know about angels.  We’ve been told ever since we were little ones, that we each had our own guardian.  It seems that no one ever really denied their existence; they were sited throughout the written text; both Old and New.

In many circles, we still pray that God would dispatch angels to certain places and people.  We want them to help in whatever situation that needs to have some kind of supernatural intervention from God.  And we believe, they do go.

I believe that when many of us were young in the LORD, we may have had a somewhat stronger faith.  We were like young children in the natural.  We didn’t question every single thing.  It was read from the Book, and we accepted that.

We even grew up thinking that we could not get along without them.  Some will assume, that this is a talk about angels; and in a way, it is.  But the subject that is at hand here, is just how deep in the Spirit do we think we are.  Just how deep is our walk, and how much of God’s ways do we know.

“And the angel that talked with me, said unto me.  And the angel that talked with me, came again.”  That was Zachariah.

We know that angels came and spoke to men and women of the Old Testament; it’s written throughout the entire testament.  And they spoke in every kind of situation and event one might think of.  We are going to have to ask some questions, about what the men and women of the Old had, and what the men and women of the New had and even have now.

Two men were in prison for teaching in the name of Jesus Christ.  But the angel of the LORD by night, opened the prison doors, and brought them forth “and said“,  Go, and stand.

Cornelius saw in a vision, an angel of the LORD coming to him.  “And saying” that, his prayers and alms have come up as a memorial before God.

In a trance there came a voice and spoke to Peter.  He told the others later, “I heard a voice.”  Cornelius’s men stood at the front door, and while Peter thought on this vision, the Spirit, spoke to him to go.

As we’ve known, angels are ministering spirits sent to the heirs of salvation.  But angels of darkness speak also.  Most of us believe that the devil can put things in our minds and thoughts; he can also speak, and we can hear it.

Then surely, holy angels can speak to us too; could we not hear them also?

Let’s all ask ourselves, do angels speak to us in what we think is another person, and we are not aware of their true identity?

God’s angels, are not silent today.

There are things in the body of Christ that are going to be revived in this latest hour.  The deeper things of the Spirit, is one of them.

To proclaim Joel’s end-time promise, our sons and daughters are going to have to prophecy; dreams and visions must return in the way they were once in the church.

Forget the fakes; they will all be seen and revealed by the Spirit.  Angels from God, are speaking to many of us today.  You see, now and in the days ahead, we are going to need every holy supernatural intervention we can get.

Don’t let the scoffers suppress you.  Reach for everything, the Spirit has to offer.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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