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Testimony and The Wait on The LORD (Part 5) — 10 Comments

  1. Oh! What a testimony! May your efforts be rewarded by our Lord Jesus Christ. May HE uphold, equip & grant you Grace for this Assignment & many more ahead in Jesus name. May God help us all to be wise to know that Jesus comes to us in indisguise every day in form of the prisoners, sick, homeless e.t.c.. God is not done with you Mama! More Grace My Mama Joyce.

    • Thank You Adams! You hit it on the nail head when you said about Jesus coming to us in disguise every day in the form of the prisoners, sick, homeless e.t.c.

      Jesus is giving us many opportunities to serve Him in this lost and dying world. Sometimes people just even need a smile or a hug, Maybe someone who will take a minute to listen to them.

      How many times maybe their soul even hanging in the balance that day of heaven or hell? I often fail but thank God for mercy,

      God bless you and your family their in Africa.

  2. Beautiful testimony and wonderful calling! Shared with the heart of Jesus. We love you our precious Sister and friend and thank you for giving to the Lord…
    Michel and Diane

    • Thank you my dearest brother and sister, for your response and our close walk through the years! You both are the cream of the crop! I love you both much.

  3. Oh my, I remember Jim.  I remember you telling me about going to ministry at the jail. I remember Jim being I’ll for awhile prior to him passing.

    We have known each other awhile now. Had the pleasure of having the best tasting dinner with you in your home. We gonna do that again, looking forward to it as well.

    We have shared our wonderful Savior Jesus many years. We have more work to do. I be enjoyed your trip down memory lane today. Reminds me of how God is not finished with us, how he has plans as He states in Psalms 92:14-15!  Glory to God.  It is good, so good, verifying manifestations of Jeremiah 29:11!  Beautiful plans of a beautiful life ahead for us!  I take it and say THANK YOU LORD!

    • Yes, Betty the miles we are traveled together are many and not over yet! The testimony of Jesus is surely the spirit of prophecy. I love you much.

      Oh btw it had to be God, with that meal, as truly not a cook much for many a year. Still that simple casserole and crock pot cooked itself so we could visit and share, lol,, Love you my friend.

    • That is what it is all about, Sam! If me sharing this testimony was just for you I would have written it!

      God bless you as you move out. Holy Spirit will never guide you wrong, for He is the Spirit of truth! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Whew…This just brings me to tears …
    Can feel this so deeply…Thank you for being so transparent with yiur journey.
    This is why any of us who have the sweet privilege of knowing you at all- just LOVE YOU!!!
    You heart is SO BIG!
    and we do.. LOVE YOU!

    • Shelley, it is I who feels to thank you for your wonderful heart to help so many.

      We love you and honor you! Already you have made an impact with me.

      Just know all you pour out to undergird your bro & sisters doesn’t go unnoticed. I love you also.

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