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Testimony and The Wait on The LORD is Weighty (Parts 1 & 2) — 11 Comments

  1. When I read Your write about
    You and HIM.
    I picked up that You have
    a very Special Sweetness Upon and Within You.
    And a deep love to Encourage people
    and Above all the desire to Only Please HIM.
    No matter the cost.
    Lord bless You in every way as well as
    to give You the long awaited desires of
    Your heart.

    thank you for this word.

    • DE after all this time I just
      saw your comment.
      Many thanks. What an encouragement you are!! God’s richest blessings. Joyce

  2. My testimony is that I grew up in church but my family was really poor and we would go through a lot of difficulties which always made me wonder where was God. When I got older, decided to leave the church. I studied where and what I wanted, worked where I wanted and had my life under control. But I was so unhappy. The problems were so heavy, I grew weary, had depression, anxiety and thought about suicide. Then one day everything blew and when I was left alone with despair and agony God talked to me. Jesus promised me He would never leave me. Since then I was never alone. I will be honest, I am still facing problems, even worse than back then but His faithful hand has held me all this way. I have joy through the problems. His burden is light and I am a witness of that. I went through things I never thought of and beared situations that before would be unbearable, all with joy and the consolation of my dear heavenly Father. I know I will have my victory and while I wait He walks with me and teaches me to praise Him.

    • Louisa, I so thank you for sharing your testimony here! He has promised to never leave or forsake you (us) and how that encourages our hearts!

      The key you spoke I feel at the end, is the Lord is teaching you (us) to praise Him! Yes,Joy of course you have through your problems. The joy of the Lord is certainly our strength. God bless and keep you sweet sister.

  3. @ Adams Thank you for sharing your testimony! It was a blessing to take time to read. He’s calling us all to be faithful till the very end. Heaven and home one day! God bless you

  4. I had gone back home now & the Lord started to give me dreams & next, my name was been called out countless times while sleeping at night & I was always running to my elder sister’s (was living with her) & asking if she called me & she could strangely look at me & SAID NO! I was disturbed & prayed more & one day I had a DREAM WHERE A MAN WAS DSPERATELY LOOKING FOR ME IN AN EMPTY STADIUM BUT I WAS HIDDING FROM HIM. HE KNEW I WAS THERE & WHEN HE FOUND ME, HE STARTED SINGING “I HAVE GOT YOUR NAME, THERE IS SOMETHING I WANNA DO WITH YOU REPEATEDLY! In another dream, I was asked to Change my church to a place called DUNAMIS(which the dictionary defined as POWER). I obeyed & in one of the services, the Pastor said there is A JONAH IN OUR MIDST. HE THEN WALKED UP TO ME TO SAY “YOU ARE JONAH”! I TOLD HIM NO! AND HE SAID JUST LIKE JONAH, THE LORD GAVE YOU AN ASSIGNMENT TO DO FOR HIM BUT YOU HAVE BEEN NEGLECTING IT & HIDDING BUT YOU MUST FACE IT NOW! I BECAME SOBER! YES, THIS JONAH IS NOW HERE FOR THE LORD! AlTHOUGH SAYING YES TO JESUS, CARRIES LOTS OF ATTACKS FROM SATAN, BUT GOD’S GRACE IS ALWAYS SUFFICIENT! Thank you all for your patience to read my Testimony. Please pray for me always to stand secure in Christ. STILL WAITING!

  5. I have a similar Testimony too. Glory to God! I got saved at a young age too but i never got any closer to the Lord as I didn’t know him! When I was about 12 years, i passed out & saw myself floating & been propelled speedily by a very strong force through what looked like a tunnel with very bright light leading me. But because Jesus loves me then & now, HE brought me back to life for HE has an ASSIGNMENT for me! Although, i was attending our Orthodox Church with my family but was still not closer to Jesus. As I added more years & left home for further studies, I met new friends who didn’t know the Lord at all. Although, i didnt do all they were doing, but i was always with them & learning their ways slowly But jesus never left me! I decided to join the charismatic group but later left as I thought some of their teachings was against my life styles then(Backslidden). Things started to change! I stared to have series of road accident, sickness, fear of death e.t.c. Then i started asking the Lord not to take my life but HE should tell me what I needed to do!

    • Wow Adam!! What a Powerful testimony!!
      I’m so grateful for the people who are putting themselves out there and daring to be transparent!! There is Power when we do this!!
      Thank you as well Joyce, such courage!!
      Blessings :D

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