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Testimony and The Wait on The LORD is Weighty (Part 6) — 7 Comments

  1. Our God is all knowledgeable & knows our end from our beginning! The Lord do every thing for a purpose & for our own good which we may not realise initially but will later say “Thank you Lord for your amazing Grace which saved a wretch like me, I was once lost but now am found”! May He forgive us all our sins. Thanks for your honesty Mama!

    • Amen, Adams and if by sharing my life and testimony, it helps one person it is worth it!
      We all must be willing to be open and show others pitfalls.
      No one is stronger than the flesh and sin if we yield.  We must choose the Lord and right constantly! 
      Mercy and grace there if we fall, but we have to straighten up.
      Some don’t forgive their selves and stay in that trap too. The love of God is so unfathomable. He is such a good good Father!

      • So so true. Shared testimonies like this not only glorify our God but exposes satanic greatest tool which is guilt & other traps all devised to lead us away from our loving, ever forgiving Father.  BUT Mama, permit me to say that most times the Church instead of helping the guilty ones who look up to them in their difficult time choose to add more pains & this send some into satanic traps with many ever remaining there.  May God give the Church & each an everyone of us the Grace to correct in love rather than erring on the ground of caution which is also a satanic trap. Thanks once more Mama

    • Thank you Sandi for taking your time to read. Some things are not easy for us to share, but I’m willing if by my transparency it will help others. I thank God for restoration and the blood of Jesus.
      I believe more than anything I’m pleading with others to know the consequences of our sins.
      We can be forgiven and restored but there is also a cost we have to pay for our actions. Backsliding is dangerous!
      Who knows we may not get back to that place steady in the Lord. The time is late and peoples hearts are getting hardened to even hear a lot of times. 
      Love you sis. Many blessings

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