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Testimony of Deliverance from Addiction — 10 Comments

  1. God spared you to be used as his vessel.  May HE do special miracles through your hands ust like Apst Paul. More Grace on you Ashley Hutheram

  2. Just saying THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TESTIMONY!!! When we see GOD deliver others, it gives the rest of us hope for our deliverance. Many of us who suffer in addiction(s) have been in them so many years we wonder if we will ever receive His Help out but your testimony will hopefully help many keep hope (Biblical Hope) alive.  THANK YOU!!!

  3. My son has drug induced schizophrenia,and have been in psychiatric hospital four times, in jail for 28 days, he is in probation for 3 years. In the hospital he gave his life to Jesus and quit drugs and even cigarretes . He was praying and studying the bible in a daily basis but now he is not. He did not find and mentor or supporters of his faith. His friends went to church with him a couple of time. Now he hangs out with lots of friends that do not followers of Christ. He does take a shot to treat schizophrenia once a month. He wants his life back, marry, have children and a family. He is 20 years old. I am his mom and like you mom I pray every day for him. I grew in faith so much in one year. Now hurts me to see him withdrawing from God. Please pray for to Lord to set him free from the stronghold of addiction and to heal him from schizophrenia, paranoia and mania. I know that God can and Will. Thank you for your testimony and I have hope that my son’s deliverance will be a powerful testimony in the name of Jesus.

  4. This is a loving, caring and kind testimony. Thank you, dear brother.
    You share your own experiences and I value so much every true person.
    But nowadays an army of arrogant control addicts has already settled in churches. Too many “Christians” speak (gossip) easily diagnoses over others. In 54 years I experienced enough of those “psychologists” in churches. Everyone wants to be a little doctor or at least one who knows better. When you do not accept their mindsets and worldly doctrines, they blame you sick. With tons of books and programs in their closets, computers and bags, people feel so “intelligent”. Doctors, psychos and authors became rich, an army of public health insurances became poor, and church rows became empty. New addictions increased, and so deaths and suicides. Millions of families are destroyed. This is a worldwide satanic disease and oppression. Huge amounts of people are being forced into “anonym” programs and groups. The result is total captivity and to keep the true gospel down.
    Your testimony is very loving and careful. Again – thank you, dear brother Ashley. Please go to a church visitor after sermon next Sunday and invite him or her to your home, to your table. And give them a call during the week or invite them the other Sunday again.
    And to all who read this may be addicted: Avoid and resist chemical pills, every sort of brain medicine ! I worked and work in places where I’ve seen enough spoons full of expensive mental and physical health killing drugs – people in senior homes, in child care or when I visited a methadon client in psychiatry – they have to eat this 3 or 4 times every day, some even around the clock. Let no one force you to take it ! BE FREE and BE STRONG, and I pray for all who read this: Please – do not accept destructive diagnoses over your life !

    • Dear Sister Marion. Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate your valuable insight. All you say is true. God is sovereign and He is building His Church with His hands and the gates of hell will not prevail against His work. An army is rising that know the truth… they know His power and they see through the smoke and mirrors because He has opened their eyes. Thank you sister for sharing your wisdom. God Bless You.

  5. Prayers please. I would love to never struggle again. The meds I take has kept me in a state of recovery for years but, still in bondage to it, if that makes sense. I am a different person now but, each time I try to quit the addiction meds I am unable to. I have been on an extremely small dose for a year now however, I cannot stop without suffering withdrawals and cravings.

    • He is already working in you beloved child of God. He calls you righteous. I will intercede for you and the prayer in this post is for you. Do not allow the enemy to bring any form of guilt and shame as you are justified by your faith in Jesus Christ. Complete deliverance belongs to you, receive it for it is yours. Amen!

      • God bless you! I am taking my last dose and will not be going to my MD appt for a refill today! Continued prayer and intercession on my behalf is greatly appreciated by anyone. The church I currently attend is asleep and doesn’t believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. However, it’s a family church and I do know they will be awoken to the times as well. I also suffer from nightmares and spiritual attacks especially when I am on the verge of a personal breakthrough in my walk. I claim this word and prayer as belonging to me in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will not suffer any withdrawal symptoms or cravings and the chains/spirit of addiction is broken from me and my family in Jesus name. Amen.

        • Amen! Father, I bring your child’s family bloodline before you and as we are one in Spirit I ask for all the sins committed against you by those before and throughout the generations be cleansed and washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. Forgive all these iniquities I ask and remove any demonic portals that have opened over your child’s life and other family members in Jesus Christ Name. I ask that every curse that has come through the bloodline be broken in Jesus Christ Name for you my Lord have taken up every curse through the finished work of the cross. Father, I come against fear that is trying to block your child from receiving the full manifestation of your promises in your child’s life and I ask that you send your ministering spirits to serve her as a child of salvation. Teach your child my Lord to use the spiritual language you have provided for edification and build in your child a hunger for your word. In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray. Amen. I will continue to pray for you. God Bless You. Read Psalm 91… there is strength there. Listening to worship will also help lift you up.

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