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That Fruit Bite: It’s a Brand Mocking God, Glorifying Sin! — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you Sir for this prophetic words as well as warnings.  Right here in Africa, we have lots of them now in our stores & even open markets.
    Years ago, the Lord used an Occultist (coursemate) to open my eyes to a brand I purchased from the open market( in Africa) that had occultism symbol which I didn’t know then .
    The occultist(Man) saw me with the brand, stirred strangely & angrily questioned me: where did you get this? My reply was from the Market.  Next, he asked, do you belong? I asked him belong to what? As i didnt understand him. Then , he said do you know the logo on the brand you are carrying? I said No.  He politely told me about the logo & said its not anything you see you buy & use.  Kindly, dispose this brand since you dont belong as its an occultic symbol & that if any of their members see me with it, I will be in big trouble!  I willingly disposed it!
    I plead the blood of Jesus on anything we touch or buy in Jesus Christ name.

  2. Thanks for sharing this … I have been getting rid of “unclean” stuffs from my belongings under the leading of the Holy Spirit, but I haven’t thought of this brand of phone. If you have recommendation which are the clean brand, I would like to hear that.

  3. Thank you Father for using your vessel to enlighten us about this topic, in the times we live we all use these modern gadgets without even noticing the idol symbols, for give us Holy Mighty Father, guide me and those who love you and seek to obey you discern what we buy, use or receive as presents. Let all we do, use and touch be for Your Glory oh Lord. Thank you Lord and forgive our ignorance.

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