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The Act of Forgiving Yourself — 1 Comment

  1. Michelle, This subject is a very intricate and difficult one to address in one article. My writing was to jog hearts and begin their dialog about the subject. With the post being first shared on Facebook, that averaage reader loses interest after 3 paragraphs. I have much more to say regarding this suject but most will not read past the first lines. Being a Pastoral Counselour, the compassion I feel for those in trauma and who have been deeply wounded, I am aware of the way words can affect people. I also truly see that no matter what you say or write, there will be those who respond in different ways to words. I simply share from a perspective of knowing that if a believer is not vertically in humble and transparent commnication with the Lord, in an open relationship with Him, then most likely their horizontal relationships and personl lives suffer.