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The Apostles Needed Healing — 5 Comments

  1. I appreciate your sharing – I too have been in the apostolic preparation and
    know what you’re saying!

    If you would be interested, I have written a book called “It’s Supposed to Kill You”
    The Lord took me through 40+ years of daily trials but Praise the Lord – He brought me through it all as an Overcomer – filled with Joy and Peace and His Righteousness

  2. thank you. i needed to be reminded of this and that I am not alone in this journey. today was been an all out war. but for the first time in a long time, i saw it for what it was. an attack. i had been praying over it all, and asked for confirmation. and God whispered this sites name in my ear, and here sat your word. it described my day to a tee…and then some. thank you Mr. Blackburn.

  3. Mr. Blackburn,

    Agree. I understand the suffering a bondservant endures for representing Christ and the Kingdom of God.

    I count it as gain as well because I am growing into deeper intimacy with the father. Knowledge does not equate understanding. Knowledge plus practice equates understanding. I have learned as I walk with Father, being a “doer” of the word (James1:21-22) is not just a friendly suggestion but a requirement in order to gain understanding of who I am in the LORD, what I am to do for the LORD, and how I am to serve His Kingdom and His people. All the time experiencing some of the costs Christ had to endure.

    Thankful that He loves me so that He would allow such a preveledge to get to know Him better. Be a part of His team. He warned the first 12, the same adheres to us who chose to follow.

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