The Apostles Needed Healing


Another event occurred to me last evening.  I was standing at a certain place when a voice spoke to me.  It was a short comment, but it hurt me so badly; it went all the way down to my very soul.  So deep down, that I do not even know how badly I am wounded.  It was one of the most mean, rotten things I have encountered in a long time.  It seemed, that all of my attempts to walk in the Spirit, came to a sudden halt.

You are going to pay a price to be used of God today.  After a few minutes of shock and terrible pain, I knew what it was about, and why such an attack came.  It was because of the last message the Spirit worked through me to give here.

I don’t want to give the enemy even one word of recognition; I rarely use his name.  Let me say why so many of us are being reminded of how we really had church in times past; the things that we saw manifested then; both good and bad.  Satan has power; some have forgotten that.

There was only one thing I wanted to do, and that was to talk directly to God; and nobody else.  Angelic spirits, can look alike, and they can sound alike.  It’s written, that angels of darkness, can appear as angels of light.  Their leader, does it all the time.

One of our dear elders here, talked today about people being shallow in their walk and in the ways of the Spirit.  He’s right.  This message is not for those.  It’s for those who are suffering intense tribulation, for daring to speak what the Spirit wants said.  The true, deeper walk.

I told God, I’ll never get over this.  Finally, I realized, this deep wound had to be healed; I would not recover otherwise.  Then, the message behind it, began to unfold.

We, desperately need, to go back and re-read and study over again, the things Apostle Paul told us he went through.  Beaten and left for dead, jailed, stripes on his back, rejected, ridiculed, abandoned, pushed over the edge; we need to read it again.  And the other Apostles . There was a time that we wept often over what Jesus went through for us; often.

We have no choice but to listen.  We must dare be careful about how we talk about how apostolic we are; let’s leave it there.  Our Father in Heaven, could have healed Jesus Christ.  He could have taken away all of the pain, the suffering, the heartbreak, and wiped all His tears away.  But He didn’t.

Now, through our preparation, persecution and suffering, we taste some of it.  We’re getting a bit of what Paul and the others went through.  How many times, did they need this man Jesus, to heal them from all of their wounds.

It’s being talked about here; we finally can talk to one another.  We got sold short on healing that was promised to us; so much focus on the body, and so little on the mind and the spirit.  Wounds, that should have been healed a long time ago, by those who yet say they have so much.  Well, not us; not anymore.

Finally, by making up our mind to follow and be taught once more by the Spirit, we are learning the answer.  There is only one Healer.  The tares, talk a lot today; so do those who once sought for depth.  We can either heal one another through the power of the Holy Ghost, or we can’t.

Those men could never have continued forward, if Jesus Christ of Nazareth had not healed them.  They were human; just as He was, and just as we are.

Do we really think that Paul was not beaten up and badly bruised, when they left him for dead?  Did he not say that his heart was broken; that he experienced great sadness and real loss, over so many things that happened on his journeys?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is going to heal me; and He’s going to heal you too.  We are going to heal one another, and others, who need it so!!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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The Apostles Needed Healing — 5 Comments

  1. Mr. Blackburn,

    Agree. I understand the suffering a bondservant endures for representing Christ and the Kingdom of God.

    I count it as gain as well because I am growing into deeper intimacy with the father. Knowledge does not equate understanding. Knowledge plus practice equates understanding. I have learned as I walk with Father, being a “doer” of the word (James1:21-22) is not just a friendly suggestion but a requirement in order to gain understanding of who I am in the LORD, what I am to do for the LORD, and how I am to serve His Kingdom and His people. All the time experiencing some of the costs Christ had to endure.

    Thankful that He loves me so that He would allow such a preveledge to get to know Him better. Be a part of His team. He warned the first 12, the same adheres to us who chose to follow.

  2. thank you. i needed to be reminded of this and that I am not alone in this journey. today was been an all out war. but for the first time in a long time, i saw it for what it was. an attack. i had been praying over it all, and asked for confirmation. and God whispered this sites name in my ear, and here sat your word. it described my day to a tee…and then some. thank you Mr. Blackburn.

  3. I appreciate your sharing – I too have been in the apostolic preparation and
    know what you’re saying!

    If you would be interested, I have written a book called “It’s Supposed to Kill You”
    The Lord took me through 40+ years of daily trials but Praise the Lord – He brought me through it all as an Overcomer – filled with Joy and Peace and His Righteousness

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