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  1. Angle,
    I went last night too your blog and it says it is closed. I feel Holy Spirit had me to check and see if this where I first found you. You are here. I had things saved up to read and they are all gone. Have you started a new location if so how do I sign up. I enjoyed reading your teaching. Please, let me know..

    • Hello Charolette, My apologies to you. My blog was compromised and by the leading of the Lord I removed it! I am deep in prayer and in waiting for The LORD’s instruction. I am to continue with my podcasts. I can be reached by email at aylablue@yahoo.com. Praying you are covered and blessed by The Lord!

      • Angela, What a lost for the body of Christ and others who might be searching for help. I greatly miss your blog, greatly. I searched everywhere looking for you for answers of where you were what happened to you. I know Holy Spirit led me to search for you here, I am sure this is where I first found you. I don’t do podcasts, not my way of learning. Reading words and saving them and going back and reading them. I trust Papa will open up something soon too meet the needs of his children like me.  Would you please email me when you are led to what to do.What you offer here is so helpful, just not like your blog page. Please, let me know.
        ~ Charlotte Wills ✍

    • Blessings to you Rick! I appreciate your encouraging words!  Glory to God for this opportunity to share my journey! ️ Angela

    • I am blessed by your confirmation John ELL. May The LORD’s Voice produce hope and bring substance to your spiritual journey. Many blessings over you house.

  2. Blessings& thanking you for the teaching.the second podcast was exactly same as first.both were knowing Gods voice so might have been accidently put up.Praise God for this Lovely encouragement,loving word.

      • Thank you Angus,Im so looking forward to hearing Angelas 2nd podcast too.Gods Richest Blessings to you& our family of God.blessings from Australia.

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