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Urgent Warning: The Banking System — The Great Lie — 4 Comments

  1. Thank God for this confirmation. I am hearing a few voices calling for us to develop a parallel economy. I feel that this is necessary but needed to hear a confirmation. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    I too have been made aware clearly in the past that the time would come when people would suddenley realise the Rapture was not going to happen pre-tribulation and would fall into a state of paralysis, with shock, just at the very moment when the Enemy would move into his position. We MUST accept that we are not being lifted off before it all comes to pass. We MUST prepare for it all and imagine how we would run our lives if all natural means of support were removed, for what ever reason. My family has begun to plan already. It seems incredible, but we are there. God bless Israel, God bless America and God bless these wonderful Nations, and most of all God Bless The Church, she has to wake up and start preparing her lamp. The Bridegroom is coming!

  2. Deception will be based on not having a love for the truth.  Sadly, many even now choose to believe a comfortable lie rather than the uncomfortable truth about the present world system.  I believe we are able to believe the uncomfortable truth, if instead our comfort is from our personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and from His promises.  Thus, seeking and maintaining a stronger relationship with Him is key to avoiding a spiritually fatal deception.

  3. we have been given outhority in heaven and on earth..we have outhority to change every negative dream into a positive dream and to reign over every evil plot of the enemy..the Lord is warning us about what is going on the spiritual world so that we as the Body of Christ can stop these dreams from manifesti

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