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Under The Shadow of The LORD’s Wings — 4 Comments

  1. YES..! ♥♥♥FATHERS IN HEAVEN, AMÉN – with Thanksgiving ADORATION to You, Receiving this HIGH SPECIAL MESSAGE, through Your Angelical Vessel in EARTH, remanding me my Global OBEDIENCE to Your WRITTEN LAWS, AMÉN by Your touching SELAH’S always..!♥♥♥
    AMÉN, AMÉN, AMÉN with Your Eternal Never Ending PURE WILL & WISDOM SHALOM.! AMÉN..!


    PHP 4.7

    LK 2.14

    IS 53.5

    NU 6.19-27

    TI 1.2

    LK 10.19

    MI 4.2

    JR 29.7

    EX 33.14

    1 JN 4.9-18

    AC 4.24-35


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