The Battle Cry Sounds


He says this day to His People, “Astounding things are coming as I reveal My Glory.

Plain to see, I will be.  No excuses now, only choices to go with the King.

I love you all and it is for you I do this.  Open the gates to your heart and let My Love flood in.

Take your mind off the world and put it on Me…  I AM all you need!

You cannot go where I need you to go without My Spirit complete.  The times will test you, but you will find me true… only believe!

Only believe, I say!  Only believe, and you will see a part of Me you have never seen!

Open and bare for the world to see, My true love for them.

Watch the bitter and bad fruit fall.

Arise and shine My Children for it’s not over til it’s over.  The battle has already been won, just trust in Me.

Astounded they will be, those looking on, for I will reveal Myself in Power and Glory!

They needed to see Me move then (Bible times), and now.  Watch me move!

Get in line with my thinking and move forward.  I have your back.  No need to worry about tomorrow, today is the day of salvation.

Cling to Me for your life!  It’s not about cars and jobs, these things will come.

Trust Me with all your heart.  Lean not on other things.  I AM all you need!  Trust is the number one thing now.  Build on it!  Practice it!  For I AM all you need!

Watch and see Me now, doing new things all around.

Put on a new hat, a hat fit for a king.  Put away the old and step fully into the new.

It’s all about Me, My People, all about Me.

Excite yourselves, following by faith!  Release faith now and create!  I AM for you all the way My People.  Just get in line with Me!

There is much to be concerned with these days from the phone on down, but when it comes to Me, it will fall to the ground!

Consider what is important in the big scheme of things… My Kingdom and My Glory!

I AM all that matters!  Take not your eyes off me, for fall you will.

Train yourself not in self-reliance, but complete dependence on the King!

Happy you will be if you stick with Me, for I know the end from the beginning.

Watch and see Me work in a new way beyond belief, trusting always as you move ahead.

The way is clear!  I have cleared it myself…!  Let nothing hold you back!

I AM the Alpha and the Ω, the first and the last, and none other can do what I do.

Remember, if you are not for Me you are against Me.

Trust and obey for there is no other way, for I hold the keys to your future.

Trust and obey… it’s as simple as that!”



God Bless You, you are in my prayers
~ Celeste Dewey

Celeste DeweyCeleste Dewey



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