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The Battle is Getting Fierce! — 7 Comments

    JUST TRUST ♥♥♥HIS COMMANDED ORDERS♥♥♥; I have own personal experiences..!
    Obey all DIRECTIVES within You in the Front SERVICES Lines. AMÉM..! SELAH FROM ABOVE will Shield You..! = TRUST ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥…!

  2. Hi dear brothers and sisters. I would like to write a piece of what was being said in a video I saw yesterday.

    “We are in a Daniel 5 and 6. Daniel 5 has to do with people that are drunk of the authority, the power, the position, so that they started to take liberties with things that belong to God. Things that are sacred to God, holy to God. They are careless with what is significant to God. YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT TO GOD!

    They began to take the Gold and the Silver that belongs to God.
    “Let’s take the relics that are consecrated to their God and desecrate them. We are going to drink out of them, we are going to make marry out of them, we are going to do whatever we want.”

    And then a Hand appeared out of nowhere and began to write on the wall.
    Because the problem was, that those were sanctified, set apart, holy instruments for the LORD. That disgrace, that dishonor caused God to say “I am stripping you of your kingdom.”

    There is a disruption coming to the camp of the enemy. Some personal, some on a larger scale. The LORD is going to bring disruption to those who sit in high places, drunk of their mastery.

    The LORD will begin to exalt those who are His set apart, sanctified and holy instruments.”

    • Stay strong Saints of the Most High Living God. The LORD told me to sit back and watch the show. Keep your eyes on Him at all costs, then you will never sink but walk on water.
      I love you all dearly. I know what you have been through, because I have been through it myself. The suffering was immense but the work the LORD has done in me is far beyond words. Hang on! The gates are almost open. The King of Glory is about to come in.

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