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The Beast Overcomes for a Short Time — 2 Comments

  1. Praise GOD!!! Abba Father thank You for Your All Consuming Love! Thank You Lord for giving us Eyes to see and Ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the REAL Church in this hour. Thank you Father God that we are Wise and Discerning and that we are Not ignorant of satan’s devices!  PLEASE Continue to speak to our Hearts Lord and we will Decree & Declare Your Word-as the Angels are on assignment to Quickly Bring IT to PASS!

  2. My sister in Christ,I had a dream three weeks ago on 4th/Nov, in dream I was leaving a house walking in open field no trees buts road to left by 300mtrs, I saw car by 500mtrs parked as though waiting,the person in car sitting,I heard noise I looked up behind and a spaceship came down and landed Infront of house, before doors opened of ship I began running back to safe the people in the house but doors if ship opened and a alien dressed like black and silver-grey was coming toward me so I turned around and ran back to the person with car they ushering me to come to their safety but as got close enough to see they were dressed the same as the alien in ship, so I then stopped running toward them and stood still of this massive field of green grass,then dream ended.

    I just got interpretation as read your prophetic word.
    Satan sent a spiritual host of wickedness Ephesian 6:12 to take for his own and person in car was a human vessel to do the will also same agenda to turn a child of God to be trapped and caught unaware,in dream I was.

    Just confirming your prophectic with this dream given and how I must pray some more for dreams I receive for wisdom from our heavenly Father.

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