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  1. Amen, Abba Daddy, I hear you as I contend with your words spoken in my life, for surly it Shall come to pass for me. I run the race with you, for this is my set time of Favor, Promotion, Increase, Blessings, outpouring of All you have spoken it to be for me. I am blessed, highly favored of you. I will write down what you have spoken to me. I’m in agreement with you. I will meditate upon your words. Hallelujah !! I love you Abba Daddy. Am blessed by you. Shalom !

  2. Sister Deborah Waldron Fry,

    I don’t know if you know how much you are being used by the Lord, but I wanted to drop this quick note to you just in case you didn’t know,… im sur you do….i believe that the Lord is using you, I appreciate what you are doing for the Lord and the gift He has given you.

    In prayer today it came upon my heart to speak the word of God use the word of God For your needs for your heart’s Desire, to combat the enemy, Speak against the principalities of the air, by speaking the word of God… i have been doing this , but its become an urgency!

    And here you confirm it through the message the Lord has given you, This hasn’t just happened once or twice, but multiple times has the Lord used you to confirm things that He has given to me ,

    Just thought I would let you know this dear sister as a word of encouragement, and appreciation for your love in Jesus Christ and the gift that he has givn you.

    God Bless you

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