The Book’s been Closed!


There is something that we need to re-establish in our hearts and minds.  Is the Word of God alive?

We may find it easy to believe that it was, alive back when it was first written.  It’s certain that all those who studied that Book extensively, with the enlightenment of the Holy Ghost, learned that it truly was.  Again, it is that unction of the Spirit, that interaction between our spirit and His Spirit, when they agree.

Can we remember the first time, when suddenly, the words seemed to just leap off the page?

Today, there might not be much left of me that desires recognition; not when it comes to the things of God.  Yes, we all really do like compliments, and it’s fulfilling when someone checks “like” or even comments, on something you’ve posted on Facebook.

We all need that.  And the truth is, we should not withhold that from each other.  Hell itself has set itself up, to stop the flow of the Spirit; doing everything that can be done, to discourage those who desire to follow the Holy Ghost.

It’s been said by one of our ladies here [on Facebook], that there are some things, that only the truly called and anointed, have an understanding of.  I’m only speaking for myself, but it sometimes takes a real good beating from the LORD, to make us more pliable.

We are far too close to the end, to argue anymore of whether Christ chastens those He loves.  It seems a bit funny, that many years back, when so many of our families found the baptism of the Holy Ghost, we had no trouble at all understanding this.  Experience, taught us.

If I had known then.  It’s been over 30 years now, that I was given certain things through His Word.  It was alive; I knew it was alive.  It was during a time of deep study, prayer and fasting.

The rough part at times, was that others were not nearly so enthused.  Some of those who had been preaching it, didn’t practice it.  It’s so hard to say even now, that some, didn’t even believe it themselves.  If those visions we saw, and those scriptures had not been alive then, it’s likely most of us would have been destroyed; our faith collapsed.

Daniel was told that the vision was for an appointed time.  But at the end, it shall speak.  And it won’t lie.  Many of us were given the same kind of verses, throughout the entire Word.

I wrote them on large sheets of paper, and hung them all over the wall.  It was so real; there was such life in it.   That prophet, was told to shut up the words, and to seal the book.  It was not to be opened, until the end.  The problem with some, is that they like to pick and choose what they want of the Old Testament, and conveniently ignore the rest.  Not now.

If our eyes are not open, if we are not genuinely doing all we can to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, this doesn’t mean anything.

I’m feeling and saying, that many of us met at a certain time in our lives.  We wanted to be selected; we wanted to be used of God.  And we actually thought we would be.

Many of us did not know that so much of life and the cares of the world, would come first.  We never dreamed the kind of training we would have to go through to get there.  Those things quickened to us, were not in vain.  Not at all.

How could we know the world would change so much in our own lifetime?  That wickedness would prevail in so many ways?   And we never thought we’d see such changes in the church as we knew it.

Well, it’s here.  Now, it has all finally started to make sense.  It was not time.  It was given to us: the vision would surely come.  We were told, “though it tarry, wait for it.”

So many of God’s chosen ones, have waited a long time.  But now, it’s here.  And it is being revealed now, before our very eyes.  Why is that?

The time, has now come.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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