The Calm Before the Perfect Storm!


While praying early this morning, I felt a deep stillness in the realms of the spirit.  There was a deafening silence, then I heard the Spirit say, “It’s the calm before the perfect storm”.

As I continued to wait upon the LORD, I felt a sudden shift taking place.  The atmosphere around me became charged with expectation and anticipation.  As I pressed in even deeper, suddenly a vision opened up to me where I saw a multitude of angels surrounding the Throne Room of God.  They stood at attention watching and waiting in readiness to move upon the earth.

Then I heard these words, “There is coming upon the earth in this season a holy and divine disturbance, a Holy and Divine disruption, a Holy and Divine dissatisfaction and a Holy and Divine disorder, a perfect storm is brewing!”

“Watch!  As My Spirit now moves to overthrow and overturn the plans and the purposes of the enemy.  For I tell you the truth, the works of wickedness and darkness shall lie scattered in ruin and disarray.

Listen!  For the sound of victory is rising among the people.

Watch!  For a Holy and Divine confusion will break out among those that have opposed the purposes of My Kingdom and they shall turn on one another, and they shall run for cover but have nowhere to hide.

They shall look to the right and look to the left but find no peace, no protection and no place of refuge.  Their cries and their sacrifices will fall on the deaf ears of their false gods and idols.

They will cry out with a loud voice but no one will answer to them.  They will find no escape for they will be caught by their own web of lies, sudden death and destruction shall come upon them.

Watch!  For the white witch grows weaker; disease has rotted the bones; her fields are ripe with harvest what has been sown in darkness shall now be reaped in the light.  Suddenly, she shall be set upon by the dogs that have sat eating the crumbs under her table of deception and lies,”  says God.

“Watch!  As My hand of justice and vindication now moves to restore and replenish, rebuild and revive, and that which has been taken by the hands of the enemy shall now be fully recovered and returned.

Watch!  As My hand now moves to cut off the hand of the thief who has taken and taken and taken from the nations.  For My glory shall no longer be hidden or concealed, now is the time, now is the season, now is the dawning of a new day.

Watch!  For a new Kingdom age and a new Kingdom reality is being birthed upon the earth,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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