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The Church and The Gifts of the Spirit — 4 Comments

  1. Ain’t it the Truth…
    Watched my lifetime as everyone everyone preaching that “they” had the gospel when it’s all fake gospel because it’s all preaching a few verses that like but omitted the others…  Even the ones saying that they had the spirit but was just a concoction like flavor but still didn’t preach the Whole Counsel of YAHshua…
    No one is going to be spotless and wrinkle free without the ministry of the Apostolic and righteous prophetic ministry…
    Centuries with counting heads or noses that repeated the sinners prayer but ZERO true discipleship…

    i pray for fire falls on me so that i could discern what prophetic folks are righteous and hear the Papa Father myself…

  2. The above subject pierces my heart each time I read some church/churches or individuals don’t believe while some are selective in the gifts of the Holy spirit. This is Satan’s plot to keep the church in darkness & blindness. Thank you Pastor Chris Bennet!
    How can such church/churches or individuals strive in this evil days?
    Every day i surf the Internet to read God’prophetic messages on HKP & other Christain plattforms which has been a great source of spiritual blessings to i & my family.
    The words you & i read is powerful & fresh from the gifts of the Holy spirit bestowed on different individuals.
    May God help us not to be blinded to the available gifts of the Holy spirit in Jesus Christ name. God bless us ALL!

    • Thank you Sir for your beautiful response.
      I would like to add that God should forgive some of us our sins for not recognizing the fact that the HOLY SPIRIT is always available to us with His Precious diverse spiritual gifts for the edification of the church.
      The Holy Spurit is our Friend, comforter, who helps us to pray & does many more things.
      WHAT A UNIQUE PERSON IN ONE GOD THAT SOME OF US LIMIT & FAIL TO ACCEPT! God help us all! My opinion please

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