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  1. I too have not done this in a while, but it was immediately made clear to me while reading, and almost word-for-word verbatim what Melody Walls wrote on Oct 15th.  I’ll only go over the differences or additional details because the interpretation is identical to Melody’s rendition. It is because of this confirmation that I share it, and with the hopes that the additional detail will encourage us and guide us in how we should be praying for our church(es) and our nation.

    The implication of the setting in the vision being in NYC is simply that it is the “cultural” capital and seat of the heart of America. As goes NYC, so goes the rest of America. The fact that it is an apartment is symbolic of the “compartmentalization” of the various denominations of the Christian church(es) in America.

    The man/child is the Church, and the baby clothes are symbolic of the infant-like maturity of “believer’s” in the “church(es)” in America today. They are not the garments of righteousness that would come from living a holy and sanctified life in Christ, as the body ought to be wearing.  In fact, as a person would normally age and change clothes even just for the right size, the sleeping church did not even do basic maintenance of its own spiritual health.  The church did not even keep pace with taking care of itself as it “aged.” I say aged, not “grew” because time passed but no maturing occurred, symbolic of the childish voice.  Also, the voice not being respected by spiritual forces is not trivial, as maturation in the spiritual world and speaking with adult authority is necessary for leadership (Paul to Timothy, etc.).

    (I’m trying my best to describe the interpretation in English, but it is choppy. I see the meaning and directly understand it, but I need to find the words to describe it in English, so bear with me as I translate out.)

    The number 7 either means the 7th generation or the 7th warning–or perhaps both simultaneously. Seven times (or to 7 generations of church leadership) spiritual prophets (you in the vision) have been sent to the church(es) to wake it and had varying degrees of success (indicated by the milk bottles elsewhere in the room). The fact that the man/child knew where to look for the bottle shows vague signs of memory the church has from past awakenings/revivals over the past 100 years or so. And the irritated man/child will attempt to revert back to and cling to previous methods of revival once again but will ultimately not be satisfied for two Biblical reasons; 1) milk is not the solid food of the Word needed for the nourishment of the adult body (the empty bottle is the unsatisfying doctrine of various denominations), and 2) the Spirit of God says, behold, see I do a new thing. The sleeping church will not see it while attempting to revive the old “revival,” but that time is past and God expects his Bride to be spotless and holy, clothed in white, purified by the blood of the Lamb.

    Lastly, the bright yellow, loudly sounding alarm clock is symbolic of the current national administration and government of the president. (And in fact I think the color of the clock is an off-gold color, not “yellow” per se, as the unique color president Trump is commonly associated with; you understand I see it too here in the vision’s description above). “Sounding the alarm,” in the spiritual is the corollary to what his shocking words in the natural are doing to the American church(es) who are spiritually comatose. Speaking loudly and doing all God has anointed him to do, he will, either on purpose or inadvertently cause such a ruckus so loudly in the spiritual realm about the corruption and perversion in this country and through the bringing of justice to them in the public’s eye, and furthermore what we as a nation must do to get right with God (or God help us), that the church(es) of America will be forced to rouse themselves from their backslidden slumber and “wake up” in light of the truth coming to shed by what he has done (symbolic of the light coming in as the alarm is going off). The loud shouting and one-time-warning all-in energy of the yellow-gold clock falling on the floor is what will happen when the church finally starts to wake. The clock will give its all to awaken the church, but the clock will fall to the floor and break apart trying to wake the under-responsive church. I don’t know how that will manifest, but the clock will expend its efforts on waking the man/child, who will ultimately wake up, but maybe a little too little, a little too late.

    I’ve never been to this site before today, nor knew it existed, but felt led to lookup the prophecies in the middle of the night for some reason after Bible study tonight. After reading a dozen or so on the main page and realized their authenticity, I decided to read this one and after the interpretation was clear to me, figured I might post it for the parts where it will bring clarity. These things are trustworthy and true. After following the Lord for 26 years, when you hear His voice you know it through and through. I know the gifts He has imparted to me, which have been verified by my local body shepherd and several others through the years have also testified similarly I have the mantle/office of Apostle and can discern in the prophetic. I hope this interpretation is of use to the Kingdom of God and his people here; Thank you for sharing sister; now I know how to pray for us all, that his church(es) would awaken to their backslidden, coma state, and get right with the Lord, starting with the leadership of each local body. Praise be to God for we can engage his church(es) with the Truth, and be ready to teach them the solid food of the Word as they awaken without fear of harm though many will despise us on account of Him.

  2. From what I can decern from your vision, is a strong warning of what God does not want and is the condition of the “church”, at this time.  TIME is up ! It is the fullness of TIME.  Without going into great detail, this is the bottom line.
    The #7 meaning completion of this season and its TIME (clock) to wake up. The church has been asleep far too long and has not gotten beyond the “milk” stage in order to grow and learn to receive the “meat” of His Word.  There is much anger and hostility in not wanting to hear anything about what is soon to come and is even at the door. God is sending His obedient ones to warn His sleeping children as they need to wake up and be alert. NO MORE MILK so we can be lulled back to sleep and avoid things to come. WAKE UP, learn your destiny. put on His full armor, instead of pulling the filthy covers back over your head, and go into all the world and point the way to the cross.

    Gods heart beats LOST SOULS….lost souls.

    Blessings to you

  3. I believe this refers to the sleeping church or to an individual. Blindly ignoring the times and too frustrated to make a change to prepare or refusing to come out of the world.
    Living in the past and enjoying self interests, instead of being
    awake and recognizing the time. There is not much time left and
    many are left in a state of denial by being uninformed as babes or led astray and not deeply rooted in the word. Some being too comfortable in sin and procrastinating to come out and believing new age doctrine. Not willing to take responsibility for their salvation.

    This could be someone that has lost all hope and is too child like in mind to accept change in his life to conform to the ways of Christ. His lack of caring is reflected in the filth and dirt, meaning he has been in this condition for a long time and has probably refused to come out of the past or make a change. Those that were sent were unable to stir him, and he resorts to rage and anger whenever he is approached by it. Time is sounding loudly giving him one last chance to get right.

    7 means completion. New York is the gateway to freedom. So when
    he would get delivered, he would find complete freedom in Christ.

    Thank you for an interesting post.

  4. I see this man slowly losing all hope to the demands of this world. The filth and dirt indicate he has been in this condition a very long time and no longer cares to make any positive change. He wants to control his surroundings with little responsibility or interference. His manipulative tactics are no longer working as well, and he is frustrated that his comfort status may get limited. The world offered riches and elevation, yet it has left him spiritually empty. The alarm clock ringing is painful to him sounding the demands to deal with the daily grind he finds harder now to cope with. In frustration he throws the clock for disturbing him in his dark slumber of escape. His senses are overloaded. He’s hit rock bottom. He only goes thru the motions of dealing with life and his job each day. Friends and family have let him down. He now cries out in agony as a child in need of comfort, but can scaricly find it except in very small ways(milk and thumb suckling).

    He can’t seem to move past what brought pleasure in childhood. He never learned to cope with the hard knocks and pressures of
    life. The remnant of baby clothes of various sizes, patterns, and pieces, seem to reflect his fond memories he had at different ages. His mind is stuck in past times and his childhood clothes have split from not keeping up in maturing. The tattered night gown reflects his worn out memories and remaining stagnant. When he cried as a child, others came to assist him, but now no one will respond to his cry for help. This probably is his last chance (alarm) to get the help he needs because time is sounding loud and running out maybe for the last time for him.

    He needs deliverance from his state of denial and be brought back to reality. To turn back to his first love (Jesus), and see that worldliness will only leave him empty and unfulfilled.

    7 is completeness and New York is the gateway to freedom. So if he gets set free, he should find complete freedom in Christ. Thank you for bringing this to enlighten and understand.

  5. October 14, 2018 4:00 p.m. EST

    An Interpretation of: The Clock, The Spiritual Coma and the Mantle

    Thank you for posting that vision. I have not done this in a while. I believe I received the interpretation while I was reading it. I had to verify a few things first, but this is what I believe you were shown.

    First, New York is the first capital of this nation and is recognized as such by God. It was there in St. Paul’s Chapel located at what is now ground zero that the first president was inaugurated. April 30, 1789 George Washington along with the congress dedicated this nation to God.

    Apartment 7: what is taking place there is a final end. The condition of the room and the person in it is the condition of this nation and its people.  More specifically, the man-child is what the church looks like as a whole in this country. You are probably aware of what I mean. Many christians live this way.

    You are a prophetic intercessor/watchman sent to rouse them from slumber. You represent us all. There are others in the same position as you. I am sure you have heard tell of the coming Spiritual Awakening set for this nation.  What you saw is how it will be received by the church. How you responded and what you experienced is what others will experience when they obey the call. Your response was correct. You did what you were supposed to do.

    The man-child refuses to grow up because he does not want to be responsible for himself or his condition. How long have people depended upon church leadership instead of working out their own salvation and having faith in God for themselves? He stays where he is because it is comfortable.

    The patchwork garment of baby clothes is a mantle composed of doctrine. Because they refused to eat meat, they operate in the level of power that milk can sustain. Since God is always moving this caused them to be left behind, or held back. So you could say God allowed them to stay at the level that they desired to live in for a time.

    Obviously it would never be enough to confront the darkness and reach the lost as generation after generation came and went. The darkness increased and the church became filthy. Babes can’t clean themselves. So the darkness and the filth grew along with the “body”, hence the grown male form.  The voice shows authority. You heard the voice of a child, so does hell. This is why when they speak nothing happens.

    As hopeless as the state of this “unknown” person was, there is always hope. I skipped the clock because the revelation flowed this way. The clock has not been revealed to me. It could be a significant event. Judging by the violent nature of the ringing, it will be huge if it snatches people out of their spiritual comas. It will also be the last call.

    (I had technical difficulty when I tried to post after I finished typing. Sorry for the delay.)

  6. Sounds like Final warnings are going out to those in bed with filthy sin refusing to turn to Jesus and be covered by His righteousness. New York, specifically, is being called out for being unrepentant and in a spiritual coma. 7 is the number of completion. Loud yellow (spirit of the Lord) alarm clock loud enough to “wake the dead” is not enough to shake this man from his worldly spirit of deafness to the word of the Lord sent to save him from years of sin. God declared “dead” in the 1960’s so there are decades of filth, apostasy, pride and arrogance covering this “every man” who is selfish and wishes to be served baby food and not grow up or take his place in the kingdom of God. You are an end-times witness, one of the last to be sent as God is moving from years of warnings into Judgement. He knows who will repent and who will stay in the world and perish. Such a powerful modern parable. So tragic as you could plainly see and hear the problem by the spirit of God, but demonic spirits were what the man listened to. Let us all redouble and triple our prayers for the lost as 2018 (and 5779) progresses! Amen.

  7. This is very interesting!

    The man was not a man… it is a demon, an evil spirit. This is why it couldn’t look at you, couldn’t touch you despite its fury at having been exposed to the light and being disturbed from it’s sleep, and had a foul smell.

    The light activated the clock.. the Lord is bringing into light the workings of this spirit, for revelation to his ministers, because someone either has or will face this spirit within an actual person soon. One clear message from your vision is “do not be intimidated by the abusive, violent manifestations of this spirit, when it is exposed to the light that is in you.”

    Many people will be set free from this demon, as a result of this information..i for one, will remember this, and prevail in the name of Jesus!! You got to go behind enemy lines, and see some specifics, and this is exciting!!

    So, more of what I gather from this is the surrounding of filth, around this spirit. That was also intimidating, and tried to make you feel as if there were no hope, so hopelessness is nearby in this situation also, but we are not ministers of hopelessness so we must remember that there is hope.. and the hope, and the NECESSARY factor of deliverance IS THE LIGHT, which we know, is Jesus!!

    As for the loud colored clock, I dont know, except that, apparently, it takes a very loud noise to awaken this thing, and it has no respect for the time. Also, the light activated that clock, I think that is significant.

    The strange clothing.. a person who is being afflicted by this spirit is wearing that type of clothing spiritually, and that must be addressed and removed in the process of deliverance, also.

    The milk.. it just wants to go back to sleep, and a person afflicted by this demon cannot process the meat of the Word, so must be dealt with gently in love with tenderness and the milk of the Word.

    In an apartment- there are other units, other spirits doing their thing behind other doors.

    Why 7? I don’t know.

    Why New York? I could only theorize.

    I thank the Lord for this revelation, and I thank you for posting it!

  8. I am so SHOCKED at reading this because you could be writing about my husband of 25 years. He is always angry and full of filth but cannot even see it. I am exhausted. He is not a believer but swears he is and attacks my faith. There is a lot more. I need Deliverance. I need empowerment. Enemy is holding up my prayer language. I need an encouraging words from the lord

  9. Why New York? No idea.
    Why 7? Maybe something about perfect timing.
    The person in the bed strikes me as an allegory for someone who had some kind of childhood patchy faith, occasional Sunday school or when Grandma took them to church.
    So the only prayer nourishment they had was for babies, and snatches of barely remembered doctrine for clothing.
    The world took over and all spiritual senses went to sleep, surrounded by atheism there was nothing around to disturb that slumber.
    But at the prayers, the wake up call came. God is real. All of the God stuff actually matters.
    And the normal response is anger, anger at self for being duped, anger at others for not sounding the alarm sooner, and this anger takes a while to subside.
    The good news is that they are hungry for quality prayer nourishment, and in deep need of the clothing and armour of sound doctrine – and that they are big and strong enough to have true spiritual warrior potential. Any baby stuff given will be rejected because they already know how useless it is.

  10. By any chance, did this man have long hair and a beard?  Not really long hair but longer hair….please, it’s quite important for me to know.  This speaks to me personally.  Thank you!

  11. Hello Ms. Edwards

    I must say your vision is very weighty.  I believe the vision is a reflection of what many are experiencing in this season; an experience that God wants to use to show them the weight of the mantle they carry. I am walking through a similar situation and i Know full well that God is using my situation to show me the authority I have over the enemy and to advance me to His next level for me.
    The No. 7 prophetically means completion. I belive the Lord led you to apartment 7 to show that He is using you to put an end to an ongoing situation that may have plaqued a family, country etc for years (hence the smell of the room, and visuuals which prove the situation had not been aired out or brought to light in years).\
    The individual is someone who has refused to grow mentally and spiritually because they have been held back, by their own doing as well as the influence of early developmental issues, wrong mindsets from childhood, and the influence of parents/family constantly excusing their lack of growth/tantrums.
    YOu stated in your vision that the person appeared to be dead, and only woke up when agitated by your prayers- because no one has addressed this issue with this person directly, the spirits have allowed the person to lie in slumber, your prayers agitated the forces operating in this person, to retaliate. I notice that you did not speak to the indiviual but silently prayed and watched, I believe to confront or address this indivual directly would only cause uncesssary warfare and all God requires is prayer and worhsip. Notice the individual tried to attack you several times but you had the covering of the Lord over you, so the individual could only throw tantrums in protest.

    Like i mentioned earlier, the Lord is “making” me walk through a very similar situation, i use the term making because in my flesh i would have avoided the situation to avoid conflict, i am much younger than these parties and culturally it is an abomination for me to speak up against an elder, but God indeed uses the foolish things to confound the wise. In a dream 2 nights prior to the confrontation, the Lord basically yelled at me to addresss the issue, I remember in the dream telling Him that I couldnt, as I had tried 3 times before and had been utterly humiliated and attacked for speaking up. He assured me that he had covered me (red dress) and though I would walk through a hard road, i would definately get to safetly on the other side.
    I look forward to hearing the interpretations of other readers.

    • Forgot to mention above, the spirit that I am warring against by God’s grace and the power of Jesus Christ, is the Leviathan Spirit.

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