The Deep Sleepers Are Now Awakening!


Ha!!  I just heard The Spirit say, “Watch!  For many who have been in ‘spiritual hibernation’, will now begin to emerge in greater power and anointing, for the season of a great awakening is here!”

I see the words, “The deep sleepers are now awakening.” 

The season of spiritual hibernation is over!

For many, the season of solitary confinement is now being broken.  They are coming out of the place of dormancy and into a place of manifest glory and power.

The Spirit says, “Watch and listen!  For many of My deep sleepers will now emerge carrying dreams and visions of what is come in the days ahead.

Pay attention and pray!  For their words will carry the weight of My Glory upon them.”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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The Deep Sleepers Are Now Awakening! — 1 Comment


    One hundred twenty trumpets blowing
    One hundred twenty people in the upper room
    Multiplied by fifty the Year of Jubilee
    And to the seventh day we do zoom
    Something is going to happen to the feet
    That hithertofore has only happened to the Head
    Hands afire from the Lord so sweet
    Preparing those who satan will dread
    Just as Daniel said Lord the Time is come
    What is Written must transpire
    Lord You must explode Your Heart
    And Pour out Holy Fire
    Your precious Son so obedient
    Came to save and not destroy
    Making Way for Your Spirit to be sent
    And Flood the earth with an unseen Ploy

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