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The Depths of MY SPIRIT! — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, it is time that I leave this sick bed and that I return to the living.

    Yes, I stopped and paused. It is time that I get up and continue the journey set before me. Yes, I will go into the deep with You for I trust You and know that You have the very best for us spiritually. You are mine and I am Yours.

    Forgive me for having been self-absorbed and for not having trusted You to heal me. Forgive me for having been so preoccupied with how I felt that I was not mindful of how great and powerful You are. I still loved You. Yet, I did not trust you fully. Had I fully trusted You, I would have ventured into the deep with You.

    Thank You for calling out. Here I am. I shall follow You with full assurance that this will be where I have been meant to go all along. I thank You for Your love and patience. I love You!

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