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The Door of Revival — 2 Comments

  1. A clue would be just a true child of God. As opposed to a human being young or old. To many are looking with their natural eyes as if young people as in all those under say 30 are the youth. Instead of by faith any who are one with God through Jesus Christ.
    My youth is renewed. We all need to get our eyes on faith the unseen and the truth. The so called revival happening with young people in the USA is a sign to the church in this country sort of like those who died in the desert being most of the church as opposed to the young unchurched or at least not full of false doctrines. The only hope is the truth and most old church folk are floundering in the thought that they could be wrong. The ones most have thought were wrong will lead into the promised land starting with those who believe God really will have his will done to save all. Some things to think about people.

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