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The Epoch Event ~Versus~ Amuse, Play, Delay! — 3 Comments

  1. Sister Sherry, I believe this word is for the bride of Christ specifically in this very late hour. The bride is to prepare herself and be prepared by God simultaneously. The flame in the depths of the Fathers heart is the hottest most all consuming fire possible. In order to change one must die completely and be completely crucified with Christ, that they no longer live but Christ lives in them. God is preparing His bride to be fully conformed into Christ’s image. I feel like Gods showing me that that’s also what your vision meant. Those who were there were not able to prepare themselves until God prepared them first and then their participation was to say enough… stop! You can not go to the center of the Fathers heart and not be changed, it’s impossible. It is the most intimate place possible. (The gate is narrow and few find it) GLORY TO GOD! He is awesome and I thank Him for speaking a new dialect of Heavens language through you. It’s so pure and ancient… straight from the ANCIENT OF DAYS and those who recognize its frequency will be brought to that new dimension you spoke about! I love You sweet glorious ferocious LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH… only You have the authority to roar STOP! we have been given all authority because we are ONE with You but let us not forget where our authority comes from! Jesus Christ… Holy is His name. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow and tongue confess JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! HIS KINGSHIP WILL NEVER BE TAKEN FROM HIM! HE IS KING OF KINGS NOW AND FOREVERMORE! GLORY GLORY GLORY! ARISE AND SHINE BRIDE FOR YOUR LIGHT HAS COME! GET UP, GET OUT AND MOVE!!!

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