The Father Says Today – April 2018

Daily prophecy for April 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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April 30, 2018.   The Father says today, stop striving in vain to be good.  When the rich young ruler called Me good Master, did I not say that only one was good and that was the Father in heaven?  Stop trying to earn what I have freely given.  You are trying to be good because the enemy has deceived you into thinking you must earn by striving what I have already afforded you by the work of the Cross.  Take no thought for tomorrow.  Take no thought for creature comforts.  What you shall eat, where you shall sleep, what you shall put on, I have already taken care of those things.  There is no need for kingdom-minded people to ever be distracted by such things.  Your portion is to experience an as-in-heaven-so-on-earth reality and experience it here and now on the earth, not just when you get to heaven.  There is no poverty or bankruptcy in heaven, neither is any such thing your portion on the earth.  Stop allowing the enemy or the experience you are facing to rob you of My joy.  Just go out in your day and be My beloved and see what manifests in your life.

Listen to My sound, says the Father!  My sound is reverberating in your life right now.  A door in the heavens is opening before you.  What you have heard others describe in fanciful detail, I now bid you to experience for yourself.  It is not necessary to be ever listening to mere stories of the heavens, for I have seated you in the heavens.  Close your eyes to earthly distractions and I will open them to heavenly realities.  You do not have to be super-spiritual, you just need to make yourself available.  Every window I open in vision I also provide a door for you to walk through.  You will see, and you will know.  The things of the heavens will not be alien to you because you were with Me in the heavens even on the day that I laid the foundations of the earth.  You will see, and you will know. You will experience yes, and you will taste of the bounty of My table.  You will lay hold on spiritual substance in the heavens and bring it out of the realm of the Spirit and into the realm of your need in the natural, to satisfy and meet every obligation that you might have.

April 29, 2018.   The Father says today, why seek the honor that comes from man rather than the honor that comes from God only?  I have made you a life-giving spirit.  You are not merely a creature of flesh and bone.  You are a light being, made light by the Light that lights every man that comes into the world.  You are the natural lens whereby eternal things may be glimpsed.  Look deeply within and you will see Me looking back at you.  Empty your hands and reorient your heart to the inward focus where I may be found.  You are not waiting upon a time, or a place or a piece of information that will make everything different.  I AM in My Person your truth.  I AM your life.  I AM even your way – your method.  It’s who I am and what I do . When others ask, what is your method?  Say to them “I don’t need a method, all I need is Jesus.”  If you have Me and you know you have Me, then what others think matters not at all.

Are you ready to cease from the sweat of your brow?  Intellectual striving, religious straining, even physical effort will never perfect or bring about what I have promised you, says God.  Empty your hands and open your heart.  Hear the voice, even My voice that speaks in the silence between your own thoughts.  Hear My deep that calls to your deep, even the whale song of My Spirit calling out from your inmost being.  Come away from the shallows of religious experience and into the trackless depths where the deep waters of My truths will envelope you and change you at your very core.  You will be known as you are known.  You will see Me and become like Me, for you shall see Me as I AM.  You do not have to strive.  You do not have to earn in the shallows what I have freely given you in the deeps of My Spirit.  I will not come to you in the shallows of religious things.  You are going to have to come to Me, for that is where the healing waters flow.  Can you take instruction?  Are you correctable?  Are you willing to be bendable, sendable and spendable?  Let’s get going then, for the heavens await.  You are bidden and you are welcome.  You will never be the same.

April 28, 2018.   The Father says today, all striving ceases in your life today.  You do not have to wait for some outward situation to change in order to have rest.  I AM directing you and leading you to the still waters that will quiet you in the midst of the chaos your outward life looks like right now.  Say to your eyes “see” and to your ears “hear” the word of the LORD.  Peace is not something you can contrive by arranging all the affairs of life in such a way that problems cannot reach you.  Just be still and know.  Be still when people all around you are losing their heads and crying for the rocks and the mountains to fall upon them.  You are not of the earth, earthly.  You are of the heavens, heavenly.  When the shaking comes, it will only shake those things that can be shaken in your life, that the things which cannot be shaken might remain.  Embrace the shaking.  Just climb up in My lap and rest your head on My shoulder.  I have this. You are going to be okay.  Fear not, just keep trusting.  Keep abiding in the vine that I AM.  You will come out on the other side of things and be the one left standing because you trusted in Me.

This is the day of radical trust. Let not your trust be in how much money you have in the bank, or whether your revenues are secure.  Your security is in Me.  You are not bound to the fortunes of the economy of man.  The dividends of the kingdom are yours to enjoy. Sing to the Life Spring of Ages I have placed within you.  Sing “Spring up Oh Well!” and you will see of the travail of your soul and be refreshed.  Wrest yourself away from the ravages of worry and anxiety.  Determine to be anxious for nothing.  Fear is not your portion.  Fear is the faith killer and your faith is strong.  You are well able to maintain your trust in Me when the strongest of men are casting about in panic for a false solution. Refuse the false promises of men and their manipulations.  You are seated in heavenly places in Christ.  You are hidden in the Invisible Kingdom that the natural man knows not of.  Welcome to the secret place, even the secret place of the Most High, where the Spirit realizes all but the flesh profits nothing.  You can now by your faith manifest the substance, and in manifesting the substance nothing will be left lacking and in nothing will you come short in any way.

April 27, 2018.   The Father says today, meditate on My word day and night.  Meditate and ruminate on My promises.  My commands and My truth and these things will surely become manifest in your life.  My word in your heart and in your mind will go before you in the way, prospering you, enlarging the place of your habitation and increasing you with the increase of God.  Abandon yourself to what I AM doing on the inside of you.  Give yourself over to My word and allow it to take deep root in you and cause you to sink deep roots into the deep aquifers of My Spirit, to refresh, cleanse and empower you.  My word is the dipper that you let down, not into a natural resource, or an outward dependency, but into that spring of living water I placed on the inside of you by My Spirit.  There is no contradiction between the Word and the Spirit.  The Word and the Spirit are one in the heavens.  Let the Word and the Spirit become one on the inside of you.

This day I welcome you into the “as in heaven – so on earth” reality.  I AM populating your life with My goodness.  I AM filling you to overflowing with My blessing and My favor.  This is kingdom reality.  I have shown you what you will now walk in.  Where I put a window, I provide a door.  I do not give the image of a thing without the substance of the thing being a promise in your life.  I do not taunt or tease.  I will not show you the overcoming life or promise you such things without opening to you the access that makes it a reality.  There is no impediment.  There is no obstacle that can impede you inwardly or outwardly.  Rise up.  Take up your bed and walk.  Go and sin no more.  Sin shall not have dominion over you any more than I can be tempted to sin.  You are not a sin creature, you are a righteousness creature.  You are the righteousness of God in Christ.  You are what all creation has been waiting and groaning to be made manifest in the earth.  This is the song of the redeemed.  This is the fullness that filleth all in all.  Are you prepared and are you ready?  My word prepares you.  My Spirit prepares you and I say to you this day – COME, and in the coming will be manifest that which you have cried out for your entire life.

April 26, 2018.   The Father says today, there is an “ALL” in your future.  I have heard you in a time appointed.  Your cry did not go unnoticed, for the angel assigned to you ever beholds My face.  Your angel works tirelessly, bringing your prayers into continual remembrance before Me.  I promised you that when you seek the kingdom, all things would be added.  Are you ready for all?  Are you prepared for ALL and ALL that it implies?  In My plans and purposes, I have left nothing in your life out that comes under the heading of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Raise your expectations today.  Dream the bigger dream.  Those small dreams and coping strategies cannot encompass, neither can they be the containers of what I have laid up for you in heaven.

Know this – I AM not a coping God.  I AM not interested in helping you cope.  Coping is about failure. Coping is about striking some armistice or détente with the enemy of your soul in order to make it through the day.  No, My child, never let such thoughts enter into your mind.  You are a conqueror, not merely one who copes.  The enemy knows what I have planned for you.  He realizes that if he can get you to live below your privileges in My kingdom, he has won the battle.  Shake off the lies and the deceits of disappointment, failure, and downturn.  I have seated you in heavenly places far above those circumstances and situations that dare to defy My promise in your life.  Rise up and speak the word of My power into the things you are facing and see what I do next!

April 25, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM all about life and life more abundantly.  Ask, that your joy may be full.  What do you want?  You are going to have to tell Me.  The counsels of the uninformed declare that you cannot have what you want.  They have Me all wrong.  Life’s experiences and the criticisms of others have shouted down your desires and expectations.  That is the lie the world tells you.  I say to you that the ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.  That inbred, deep down desire planted within you by My Spirit is a seed germinated by faith.  Set aside hopelessness. Refuse to be a victim.  Never make excuses for a shortcoming.  Never let your happiness be inside someone else’s head.  I AM that I AM and I live on the inside of you, ruling and reigning over every circumstance of your life.

Faith, My beloved, is the substance of things hoped for.  Make up your mind what you want out of life.  Where hope is unexpressed, faith is rendered void.  Hope is the trellis that the vine of your faith will bear fruit on.  You are going to have to tell Me.  You have told others, but they turned a deaf ear.  You hoped that the world would somehow render up to you its bounty but the waste howling wilderness of past experience left you with the dry husks of disappointment.  Let your mouth pray.  Faith filled prayer on your lips opens the prison doors of disappointment.  I say to you that you are coming out of the place of discouragement.  I AM working in you and with you.  Find a place of cooperation.  Put aside all pouting and selfish reasoning.  Be a beacon of service and love others and from the seeds of your yieldedness change will come that you have longed for your whole life.

April 24, 2018.   The Father says today, set aside all argument and strife.  I have not called you to be right all the time, I have called you to walk in love.  The only way to avoid an argument is not to have it in the first place.  Love defers.  Love puts relationship above having your own way.  Winning a friend is more important than winning a debate.  Those that watch your life from without will know you are My disciple by your love.  My love never speaks with a shrill, demanding voice.  Have grace in your heart when you are under fire.  Refuse the party spirit.  Realize that strife and contention only come by pride.  Be convinced in your own mind and do the love thing when all around you people are demanding their own way.  Remember that demonstrating My love is more important than demonstrating your superiority.

Love is who I AM and what I do.  Let love be who you are and what you do today.  Go out in your day determined to be a solution to the pollution of strife and debate all around you.  Love willingly.  Love lavishly.  Pour out the luxury of your love upon those that are least deserving.  Have grace in yourself to answer softly when voices are raised, and tensions are high.  Keep a cool head.  Make up your mind that you will deal with people according to their need and not according to their problem.  You do not need to put your spirituality on display for all to see.  Know that every human interaction has eternal consequences.  Remit the sins of those who transgress your good opinion.  Look for opportunity to personify mercy and grace to those who have none. In so doing you will demonstrate the fact that you are My child and you will be rewarded, says God.

April 23, 2018.   The Father says today, be God-inside minded.  Put on My mind as your first act of the day.  Adopt the mind of the anointing, the Christ mentality.  The anointing breaks every yoke and bondage in your life.  When you adopt My mind as your default response to outward things, you will break through every wall and obstacle opposing you.  The spirit profits in all things but the flesh accomplishes nothing.  Cease from striving.  I have not called you to striving but to rest.  The flesh and the natural man struggle, but the spirit rules, your spirit rules from a place of rest at My right hand.  Tension, difficulty, pressure all originate in your life merely as the precursor to the total breakthrough and blessing that will accrue to you when you enter My rest and experience the finished work.  This is the yoke easy and burden light.  Every other burden is a falsehood and religious madness.

Settle into the I AM that I AM on the inside of you.  I AM in you and you are in Me.  I have made provision that you might be one with Me as I was one with Myself in My earth walk.  There is no divisibility in your human spirit as to where you take up and I leave off.  I AM that I AM and you are that you are.  Accept it.  Rest in the I AM that I AM on the inside of you.  That is your authority.  That is the ring on your finger and the robe on your shoulders.  The fatted calf has been slain.  My table is laden before you with every good thing.  Cease from striving and enter in the rest that I have afforded you.  Lay your head on My bosom at this table and receive all that I have for you.  The time is now.  The invitation stands open.  The bounty of heaven is yours by divine right and inheritance this day, says God.

April 22, 2018.   The Father says today, that I AM your life.  External things are the realm of diminishing returns and disappointments.  Outside of My presence there is only death.  Outward dependencies cannot give you strength, breath, healing, or anything that pertains to life and godliness.  I did not go to the cross to establish any reliance in your life upon any outward dependency.  Your security is in Me.  Your belonging originates in Me.  What you have sought outwardly, I AM already on the inside of you.  Go down inside.  Seek inwardly for what has eluded you outwardly.  In you – in the glory is every answer in embryo that you could ever express in prayer.  Your prayers constitute the birth process by which highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled are made substance and reality in your life.

Seek then the kingdom, knowing that the kingdom is in you.  Do not be seduced by any outward security but looking only to Me.  The value and usefulness of religion, education, the fellowship of the saints is only beneficial as far as I AM uplifted and magnified in you and through you in all things.  I AM not a far-off God.  I do not live in a box and I do not live in a building.  You are My house.  You are My chosen dwelling place.  Your inner man is where I have elected to fix My abode.  All else is religious contrivance.  Look to Me.  Put your expectations upon Me.  Embrace the fullness of My presence working in you and flowing out from you as springs of living water welling up to cleanse, refresh and renew you to My mercy each and every day of the world.

April 21, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM not a man that I should lie.  There is no falsehood in the hope I have extended to you.  My promises are sure, and My word is unshakeable.  Fear not when the shaking comes.  Stay resolute in your faith and never relinquish your peace to the circumstance.  Turbulence in life is a reality in a fallen world but I AM the rock you can run to and be safe.  I AM your safety, says the Father.  I AM the breath that you breathe and the life within you that causes your heart to beat.  I have sustained you and brought you to this time for the purposes of blessing and benefiting you beyond all your expectations.  I AM your life.  I AM your provision.  I AM your all in all.  When every dependency of man comes to failure, I will be there with you in that day as I AM this day releasing My glory, sheltering you from the storm and advancing you in My kingdom.

You are in the throes of Kingdom advancement, says God, so hang on for the ride.  Your destination is not in question so cooperate with My process.  You have cried out for change and change is available and shift is unfolding around you.  Trust Me in the process.  Outcome is yours as you realize that I AM the Alpha and Omega, but I AM also the Beta, Delta, Epsilon and everything in between.  When you find yourself struggling, renew your mind to yoke easy and burden light.  When your way is unclear return to the steps that I have enlarged in your path.  The way of the transgressor is hard but the plan that I have for you is blessing, benefit and the full dividends of the cross paid in your behalf and experienced in your life.  That is who I AM.  That is what I do.  I can do no other, for I AM a good God and of My goodness and My fullness you will taste, see and know on this side of eternity, says God.

April 20, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM not mad at you.  I AM not mad at you and I am not punishing you.  You spend enough energy punishing yourself, but today that all ends.  I want you to understand that I love you, because I love you, because I love you.  I am ever moving toward you in love.  My hand is not raised to hurl some lightning bolt of judgment at you.  Rather, My hand is extended to demonstrate to you the nail print that was taken for the sole purpose of setting a place for you at My table.  Come willingly.  Come without reservation or hesitation. If your hands are dirty I will cleanse them.  If your feet are soiled I will wash them.  I have received you to Myself as a beloved child, once lost but now found.  Come take the ring I put upon your finger and the robe I lay upon those tired shoulders.  The celebration of My love for you is the characterization of what I have planned in the days and years left to you on this earth.  Be encouraged.  Accept forgiveness and forgive yourself, for today is a new day.

What of failure, and what of those things you have done and continue to do to disappoint My heart?  They are symptoms of needed fellowship with Me.  Come to Me with all your shortcomings and in My presence, you will be changed.  Linger in My presence until those things of which you are ashamed no longer hold you bound.  Do you understand what I AM saying?  Sin is symptomatic of a deficient relationship with Me that I AM willing to rectify by receiving you AS YOU are, because in My presence you will be transformed.  There is no need to whitewash your sins and shortcomings with excuses or accusations.  Just because it is how you are does not mean I intended it to be that way.  Sin is inborn, but in the new birth you get a makeover! In the new birth, I bring transformation and liberty from every tentacle of corruption that has held you in the vice of transgression.  Come and be free this day.  Abandon the fig leaf solutions that religion vainly offers.  Where My Spirit is there is liberty and the prison doors of your misery stand undefended as you run to My open arms and accept My embrace this day.

April 19, 2018.   The Father says today, fear not!  Believe only!  Fear not those things that are on the morrow, says the Father, for I AM there already!  Past, present, and future are all NOW to Me.  I AM in your future awaiting your arrival with provisions that you know not of.  When tomorrow’s challenge comes there will be ample supply.  I AM meeting all your need from the inventories of the glory and the glory is IN you.  I WILL supply all your needs for I AM your supply.  That is WHO I am and that is WHAT I DO.  Were your need to go unmet, I would must needs not be God and that is not possible!  I will supply all, says God!  I will supply ALL that is necessary to fulfill your destiny, and your destiny is not one of diminution, your destiny is not one of loss, but it is one that leads you into the manifestation of being seated with Me in heavenly places far above all principality and power.

The Father says, that the illegitimate authority of Satan is being cast down.  I beheld Satan cast as lightning from heaven, now I want YOU to see this as well.  My people give the enemy far too much credit when I have put all things under your feet.  You are not beneath.  You are above and above only.  Satan never took anything legitimately but only became the prince of the power of the air because Adam bowed his knee to the enemy in Eden.  As I gave Adam dominion, so I have given YOU dominion.  I have made you a principality in the earth, says the Father, now act like one.  Open your mouth and let the rule of God proceed from your mouth.  Open your hand and let the rule of God proceed from your hand.  Step forth and I will enlarge the steps of your path and it will be known that I AM Jehovah God who has chosen to covenantally obligate Myself in your behalf, for you are Mine, you are My child.  I will not leave you, I will not forsake you, and I will not fail you, says the Father.

April 18, 2018.   The Father says today trust Me to move the mountain in your life.  My eye searches throughout the earth to show My arm mighty in your behalf.  I AM the Burly One and I AM flexing the sinews of My right arm to break every chain holding you captive.  I AM bursting the bonds and break the bands that constricted you and restricted you.  The enemy is disallowed to bring you to ruin, says the Father.  Know this – I AM the God who can do anything I want, anytime I want, and I don’t have to check with anyone.  What others have suggested to you that I will not do is exactly what is about to happen.  I AM superintending the affairs of your life today so cast your care upon Me and trust in the outcome that I AM bringing about. My plan for you is not about downturn or denial.

My heart toward you is governed by the desire that you prosper, that you be in good health, even as your soul prospers.  Will I purpose a thing, says the Father, and it not happen?  Give Me some cooperation and I will give you the transformation that you seek.  My eye is upon you says God.  My ear is attuned to your cry.  Let your mouth pray.  Let your heart expect to see My goodness in the land of the living.  I AM that I AM and in your life, I bring rejoicing and deliverance.  I AM not a God of poverty.  I AM not a God of disease or sickness.  I will never put on you what the Cross takes off you.  My will for your life is “as in heaven, so on earth”.  There is no sickness in heaven.  There is no poverty in heaven. Will poverty rule you, then?  Will sickness destroy you?  The efficacy of the shed blood of Calvary flows down into your life right now to save and to deliver.  It flows into the very recesses of your mind, the very depths of your spirit.  The power of the blood even reaches into your past, establishes your present, and is assuring your future.

April 17, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM not wounding you, I AM pruning you.  Yield to the pruning, says God.  What you have seen as unnecessary and to be avoided is a part of My needful process of bringing you to the very place you have cried out to be.  The habits of the past and unfruitful attitudes are being cut away as I prepare you for a seed-fruit-harvest season.  Would you like to know what it is for the plowman to overtake the reaper?  Would you like to experience everything that you say and do becoming as effective as if I said it or did it?  Would you like to see the seeds of your obedience produce a harvest before they hit the ground?  That experience is available and in fact, in the book of your days written in the heavens before the foundation of the earth, THIS is THAT time for you!  Your life was never meant to be a gauntlet of endless suffering or interminable waiting for breakthrough that never comes.  That is not your portion, so prepare your heart for the level of cooperation necessary to get you from where you are now to THAT place of richness and abundance.

Your assignment currently is to see yourself not through the lens of your estimation of your shortcomings any longer.  Look again, says the Father, look again.  See yourself through the lens and through the filter of My potential on the inside of you.  If you allow your plans and hopes to be tempered by your understanding of your limited capacities, you will sell yourself far short of what I AM actually willing to bring about.  I have not chosen you to accomplish the plausible.  I have chosen you to achieve the impossible.  Get ready, says God.  Accept the pruning, says God.  Though it may seem like I have cut you to the quick, know this, that a great harvest is ahead of blessing and purpose and a greater works anointing.  Keep your eye on that harvest and not the chaff that is being burned away.  The fires of My refinement are perfecting My character in you in anticipation of that good thing that is breaking in your life right now.  Embrace it.  Accept it and know that at the end of the process you will have tasted of the powers of the world to come and seen My promise come to pass in full measure in your life.

April 16, 2018.   The Father says today I AM sending forth the word that redefines, reshapes, and remolds your life’s circumstances.  I AM causing you to be as one that breaks forth upon the right hand and upon the left.  From this day forward, you will be one that walks in the enlargement of step according the power and the presence of My Spirit within you.  The pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day of My presence is guiding you out the wilderness experience into the conquest of your personal Canaan.  You will hear My voice saying, “this is the way, walk ye in it…” and you will feel My Spirit tugging upon your heart as you make those decisions that uproot you from the dry places and bring you into the fullness of My promises, even the still waters and green pastures I have provided for you.

Come alongside of Me as I come along side of you.  Let your prayer be “as in heaven, so on earth” this day.  The rain of My Spirit is falling even now to bring the deliverance, the provisioning, the healing, and the blessing that you are crying out for.  The waters, the rivers of My purposes are bringing about a change of course says the Father that will change the whole spiritual geography of your life.  The enemy is being supplanted and the walls of adversity are beginning to fall. In those valleys of regret, the dry bones of past disappointments and past defeat are coming together.  A mighty army is standing up and there will be no more dismay but rejoicing and rushing in to seize the spoils that the enemy has held hostage for so long.  This is your day, and this is your hour so begin to move forward in My timing says God for I AM with you and leading you each step of the way.

April 15, 2018.   The Father says today, this is your day to freefall to the Father.  That step of faith, that leap of desperate expectation in front of you – I AM there.  I AM there to catch you.  I AM there to make Myself manifest and make highest heart’s desire a reality in your situation and in your circumstance.  Never sell out your dreams.  Never give in to hopelessness or fear.  I AM the wind in your feet and I say to you it is time to fly.  It is time to breathe in the confidence every child, every boy and girl is born with and step into the nothingness where dreams come true and life is worth living.  Fear not, says God.  Fear not, but believe only and the valleys will be brought high and the mountains be made low and you will step out of the rivers of adversity and on to the dry land of the substance and reality of My promises.

Objects in your view are closer than they might appear, says God.  You are not bound.  No chain can hold you for I declare that you are free.  You are coming out of the night when no man can work and into the brighter day of the promises of My word.  My word, My promise is the abstract of your tomorrows recorded in the archives of heaven.  You have asked Father, what is the plan?  You have asked Father, what direction would you have me go?  I say to you – I CHALLENGE YOU put your hand to something and I will bless it.  Every place you put your foot I will give to you.  Every enemy will fall before your face and as you trust in My word and act upon My initiatives revealed to you in the depths of your being, you will find that you ARE an inheritor and you ARE a conqueror and of My fullness you will taste fully, in the land of the living, says God.

April 14, 2018.   The Father says today, you were not bought at a discount.  The purchase price of your redemption was with heaven’s best.  When I gave My only son, I emptied the banks of heaven and bankrupted the vaults of glory to redeem you and bring you out of many waters.  I say to you this day that sin shall not have dominion over you.  Sickness shall not have dominion over you.  Lack will not have dominion over you for the PRECIOUS BLOOD is working to cause you to come OUT of the house of bondage and to ride in the high places of the earth.

Rise up this day, says God.  No more low living. No more living your life or dialing your life down to the lowest common denominator.  The host of heaven are in attendance.  The breakers of My glory are coming over you.  The earth shall hear the heavens and the heavens shall hear the earth and a new day will dawn in your life.  A new day has come, says the Father, when the plowman overtakes the reaper and the things beneath will no longer in your life pollute the things above.  This is your season.  This is the hour of your full and final adjudication before My throne and in the earth, says God.

April 13, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM causing a deepening of your intimacy with Me at this time in your life.  As Gideon before his great victories, I AM calling upon you to destroy the idols of those that came before you.  I AM beckoning you to build a fresh altar of prayer and supplication before My throne.  As you petition My Spirit and cry out to Me, I will hear, and I will meet you in the place where deep calls to deep and positive change will not only happen around you in your circumstance, but in the very core of your being.  You will see Me in a fresh new depth and you will become like Me, for you shall see Me as I AM.  The old character and the old man will pass away, giving way to that within you that only reflects My image and none other.  Come to My beckoning, says the Father. Come away to the secret place where My secrets unfold, and mysteries are made plain that leave you transformed into My image, says God.  This is your inheritance, and this is the work of My hand that I call you to yield to and cooperate with afresh and anew.

There are mantles to be discovered, says the Father, in the lofty and holy place of the Highest.  My sound is calling you and My light is guiding you as My word becomes a lamp to your feet in darkness and a compass in the midst of the storm.  I will cause you to step into the anointing that was designed for you before the foundation of the world and as this oil is poured out you will stand up and be known as another man, different from any that have known you in your lifetime.  In the cool of the day, I will walk with you and you will walk with Me and I will vanguard you and my truth shall guide you.  You will tread down your enemies and you will redeem even the captives that I promised you in your own household.  The captives will be redeemed, and chains of darkness will be removed.  You will speak prophetically into their lives and change will come and even those who have turned completely away from me, they are going to turn to Me in this season.  This is what is coming, and this is the expectation I set before you, says God.

April 12, 2018.   The Father says today, see your situation through the eye of the Spirit and not the natural perspective.  Believe the good report, for I have seated you in heavenly places in Christ.  You are above only and not beneath.  You are blessed when you go out and when you come in.  You may feel as though life is a crushing burden, but I say to you that yoke easy and burden light is your portion.  I have given you power to tread down every prince and those principalities and those powers that are ranged against you.  Say to your eyes “be opened” and to your ears “hear the word of the LORD…” I have put the enemy of your soul under your feet.  The enemy thinks he has the upper hand but know that this day he is being rooted up and pulled down in your prayers and faith filled expectations as you anchor yourself in My word and in My promise over your life.

Trust Me in the process, says the LORD.  You will be left standing when all others have failed and been removed.  I AM rooting up and pulling down to destroy the works of the enemy that I might build and plant and establish you in the earth.  I AM planting and that which I plant, says the LORD, is going to grow.  At first your life may look like bare ground, but then you will see the seed-fruit-harvest of My word produce in you the abundance and breakthrough that you have cried out after for so long.  Trust Me for the harvest.  Continue to obey and to seek after the leadership of the Holy Spirit each and every day.  You will break forth on the right hand and upon the left.  You will break forth in business, you will break forth in finances.  Relationships are going to be mended in this season.  Brokenness and sorrow will flee away, and the fullness of joy will be your portion as you lean with your whole heart upon My word that will never, never fail you.

April 11, 2018.   The Father says today, trust Me in the midst of the pressure. It is through much tribulation you enter the Kingdom, My beloved.  Pressure is not your enemy.  The pressure that I bring into your life is the precursor to promotion and increase.  I AM breaking down the walls of the enemy built against you.  I AM bringing a breaking down into your life of those things that are not compatible with My promise.  I AM a delivering God and I AM bringing your deliverance in an abrupt way, so do not be afraid of the turbulence that comes in battle.  Fear not when the shaking comes, for the shaking that comes only removes those things that carry death, only removes those things that diminish and only removes things from your life that are not part of the destiny that I have for you, says the Father.  You have cried out to Me for change and change is at hand.  This is that moment that you dreamed of and desired to see, so trust Me as it unfolds and comes into reality in your situation.

Open your mouth wide to declare My word, says God.  I have anointed you and I have called you to speak My truth in the midst of falsehood.  I have equipped you and I have placed that burning in your belly that you will not be able to silence.  I AM touching your mouth, I AM putting forth my hand, says the Father.  I AM touching your mouth and I AM putting My words in your mouth.  My touch in your mouth will produce my words in your mouth, says the Father.  When you sense My presence moving upon the waters of your soul, that is the very moment to open your mouth in bold declaration and decree of My promise.  That is the moment to war with your words of faith, hope and expectation against the words of the enemy.  Even when discouragement comes, refuse to give in.  When the reviling comes even through those closest to you, choose not to sin with your mouth, for My word in your mouth with purity will release My power to set you free.  This is your breakthrough moment, says God, and as you align your words with My promises you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

April 10, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your life.  I AM the substance, the power and the glory on the inside of you that is working change, if you will cooperate.  Your actions of obedience open the aperture of glory on the inside of you to change your circumstance.  Refuse to feel sorry for yourself.  Refuse to wallow in self-pity.  When you languish in negativity, nursing your wounds and blaming others for your situation, you have locked yourself away and thrown away the key.  Rise up.  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.  Begin to war with your words against hopelessness.  Refuse to linger in dejection and sorrow.  I AM your salvation.  I AM your deliverance.  You can walk into what you have vainly waited for.  Stand up on your feet and on your faith and move forward in confidence and verbal expectation of all that I have promised.

Go out in your day and empty yourself out in service to others.  Find an undeserving person and love them unconditionally.  Find a person you have judged harshly and pour out upon them measurable mercy and kindness.  Give of your heart and give of your substance.  Then find a total stranger and show them a measurable kindness.  Give yourself away to others.  In selflessness and generosity, you will open the heavens that they will no longer be brass to you.  Be others oriented.  Forget the past.  Forgive yourself for the foolish and stupid things you have done to put yourself in the situation not of your liking.  Take all that negative energy and convert it into a life laid bare in your determination to love and give and show kindness and mercy, for in so doing you are creating your own breakthrough, says God.

April 9, 2018.   The Father says today, you are Mine and I AM yours.  Receive the love by which I love you.  Run to Me, for My arms are spread wide to receive you.  There is no other claimant to your love and affection I will endure.  I AM a jealous God.  I AM jealous of your love and I AM jealous of your attention.  I will woo you with My love . I will draw you away from the shallows of human experience into the depths of My Spirit.  Hear this day My still, small voice.  I AM drawing you behind the lattice of physicality into the reality of eternity with Me.  Eternity, says God, is a now experience you can know and be immersed in this very moment.  Open your heart and your mind to all that I AM making known to you of My heart.  Burrow your face into My bosom and feel My arms around you holding you safe, holding you secure from all outward threats.

Come to Me, says God.  Come to Me, for I AM beckoning you this day.  I call to you softly, “come away My beloved”.  Come away from things mundane and common.  Reject the profane vanities of earthly things.  I AM yours.  You are Mine.  We are one.  The heart of the Bridegroom bids you to come.  Come clothed in the gossamer and lace of garments made white in the blood of the Lamb.  See the depth and truth of My love.  Experience My now presence that lifts you up and causes you to know that you are not an accident.  Your existence is not a happenstance of human biology.  I formed you when you were in your mother’s womb and brought you into the earth for one thing – to have intimate experience of My love.  To know and to be known as the pupil of My eye and the object of My affection.  This is the love wherewith I love you.  This is the heart that envelops you now and carries you forward through all that this day holds for you.

April 8, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM in the midst of you.  I AM in you feeding you.  I AM in you clothing you.  I AM in you housing you both without and within.  I AM housing you without with the shelter that the natural man has need of and I AM housing you within with that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.  Can you not sense the eternality of who I AM on the inside of you?  That which I AM within you by virtue of the Cross is not limited and has never been limited.  I AM the I AM on the inside of you who is providing you with everything necessary for life and godliness.  You are not dependent upon man.  You are not dependent upon that which draws breath, for I AM your breath on the inside of you.  I AM the breath of God within you and the God that is your breath breathing life in and breathing life out, establishing and increasing you every step of your sojourn on the earth.

I have delivered you from the body of death.  You are not subject to death, for the covenant with death has been disannulled.  I AM He that a bruised reed I will not break, neither a smoking flax will I quench.  I pass through your members not to destroy you or withhold from you, but rather to stamp My image upon you to such a degree that all that look upon you will say, you have your Father’s eyes!  I need not advertise Myself.  When you search for Me you will find Me in the secret place where I secretly, silently abide and bless you and increase you and enlarge who I AM on the inside of you with unceasing faithfulness.  This is the temple that you are in your person, not of Levitical order but after the order of the Melchisedek priesthood which you are in your body, non-religious, self-referred, anchored in who I AM, resting in total peace, complete confidence and absolute restfulness in the watch-care by which I care for you every moment of the day.

April 7, 2018.    The Father says today, I have given you the first right of refusal.  Refuse sickness.  Refuse poverty.  Refuse strife and contention.  Refuse it!  You have the first right of refusal by faith to REJECT every contradiction to My promise in your life.  Sickness, disease, downturn, financial problems – those things have NOTHING to do with LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.  I so willingly want you to experience the miraculous in these areas of your life that I gave My only begotten Son!  I gave My Son, so healing would be your portion.  I gave My Son, so provision would be your portion.  I gave My Son so that your life would be a shining example of heaven come to earth.

Are you ready for more than you can ask or think?  You do not have to live with one single contradiction to My promises.  Religious foolishness and darkened minds suggest its “just your cross to bear”.  That is an obscene lie, says the Father.  Your sickness, your disease, your financial problems were MY CROSS TO BEAR, and that I did all the way to Golgotha.  I paid the price and guess what?  You are free.  You are free today, says the Father, so go out and walk in the liberty (physically, financially, in every way) that I have paid for.  I want you today to receive in your life all that I paid for on the cross.  That is your inheritance today.  Claim it and make it yours by faith and what you do in the next 60 seconds.

April 6, 2018.   The Father says today, the setbacks you have faced are not an indication that I AM saying no or that I have turned from you in any way.  Delay is not denial.  Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no and sometimes I say, not yet.  When your answer is not immediate, then I expect you to receive it as an invitation to receive by process what you hoped to receive by instantaneous outcome.  You can step into your suddenly when you understand My process.  Sometimes My suddenly is not an instant answer but an instant invitation to cooperate with what I AM doing in a deeper way for a length of time you would rather not have to wait.  Why do you think I said, “in your patience, possess your soul?”  This is the one great lesson that disciples embrace but mere followers completely ignore.  There is a difference between sudden and instant, but My answer to you is still yes and amen.

Are you ready to begin thinking differently about My promises than you have in times past?  Your deliverance is nearer than you might think.  So often My people leave the field of battle just when the enemy is about to raise the white flag of surrender.  You have need of patience that AFTER you have done My will, you might receive the promise.  What is My will and how do you discern My will in the midst of a pressure filled situation?  It isn’t mere watching and waiting.  The first thing to ask is what or who do you need to separate yourself from that is hindering your breakthrough?  Abraham knew this and separated from Lot.  Abraham knew this and sent Hagar away with his Ishmael solution.  Listen to My voice, act on what you hear and see what happens next, says God!

April 5, 2018.   The Father says today, who can separate you from My love?  Religion preaches separation, but you are not separated from Me.  I AM in you and you are in Me.  I AM seated in the heavens and you are seated in Me far above all principalities and powers.  There is no might and no power that could ever take away from you what I have given you.  I call you an entitled one in My Kingdom.  I call you a privileged one in My Kingdom.  There is nothing and no one that will keep that reality from being birthed in you.  My promise is reaching out and wrapping itself around every area of need in your life.  Sorrow is fleeing away.  Torment is at an end.  That which is hidden is being exposed.  The truth of My love is crowning in great glory where despair and despondency once held you bound.  It is your time.  This is your moment.  Change is at hand and all you need do is FEAR NOT and BELIEVE ONLY.

There are many voices speaking in the earth, says the Father.  What voice are you listening to?  Are you listening to the voice of denial?  Are you listening to the voice of condemnation or fear?  Those are the forces that would consume you and keep you held back from all that I have made available.  There are things you have seen as not available till you get to heaven that are available to you now.  Ruling and reigning is not a far-off thing only to begin after death and resurrection.  Ruling and reigning is now.  You are not a beggar.  There is no need to grovel for what I have freely given.  Stand up on your feet, for I have given you power to become.   Stand up on your feet for I have given you the robe and the ring of My acceptance and My love.  Shake yourself from all discouragement and move forward in this day expecting and knowing that My goodness awaits you and will be your testimony when the evening light comes.

April 4, 2018.   The Father says today, I will not leave you in torment.  I place no premium upon human suffering, for I took your pain upon the cross that you might be delivered and set free.  I came to bleed and die that you might have life and have it more abundantly.  There is no abundance in hell.  There is no blessing in torment.  I took the torment, so you don’t have to.  I carried your sin away as far as the east is from the west, so you could look upward with hope and not condemnation.  You are not condemned.  You are forgiven.  You are redeemed.  You are set free even this day.  You don’t have to wait to go to heaven, for I AM bringing heaven to earth in your life today.  I AM working in your life today according to the principal of “as in heaven so on earth” until heaven is the only comparator you can draw on to describe what your life looks like.

Do you know in whom you have believed, says the Father?  Have you believed the good report that originates in Me, or are you believing the evil report out there in the world that is seeking to make merchandise of you?  Reject the narrative of unbelief.  Refuse the torments of the negative that would wrap their tentacles around you and rob you of your peace.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but My word will never pass away.  Though all creation would be destroyed in a moment of time the only experience of it on your part would be instant fullness of joy in My presence.  As I AM from above, so you are from above because I have redeemed you to Myself.  The enemy can no more steal from you than he could pilfer the treasuries of heaven.  Fear not, says God. Have no fear for I AM with you.  I AM with you and I AM in you and in that one great truth is your stay and your strength and your protection from every outward threat.

April 3, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your supply.  Your supply does not derive from a piece of paper in your wallet.  Your supply is who I AM in your life producing all that is necessary and needful when you put your expectations on Me.  Man’s supply is limited and finite.  The supply that I AM on the inside of you is infinite, untapped and limitless.  Receive the supply that I AM on the inside of you.  Know Me, says the Father, by My name Jehovah-Jireh.  As I was the ram caught in the thicket for Abraham, so I AM that which is spent for your need to provide at the right moment exactly what you need when you need it.  I AM not holding out on you.  I AM not denying you.  When I walked the earth, I became poor so that you could be rich.  Poverty does not originate in Me.  Neither am I using poverty to accomplish anything in the earth or in your life.  Do not allow the councils of the uninformed to tell you that I want you to suffer lack.  I AM not the God of lack, I AM the God of abundance.  Those who say otherwise have got Me ALL WRONG, says God!

So, taste and see that I AM good.  Know that I will NEVER say no to what the cross says yes to.  Can you take yes for an answer?  Can you take NOW for an answer?  Do you realize since I AM your supply, and nothing can separate you from Me, then there is no lack that can dominate you in any way?  This must become your most basic truth.  Realize that provision is WHO I AM on the inside of you and I can be no other.  Lack and poverty can no more dominate you than the enemy can dethrone Me from on high.  I AM ruling and reigning on the inside of you so that you can go out and rule and reign outwardly in the situation and circumstance you find yourself in.  Let go of all opposite thinking.  Refuse to feel sorry for yourself or to wallow in self-pity or victimhood.  You are not a victim.  You are a victor.  You are not a prisoner, for I have made you free.  Receive the freedom wherewith I have made you free this day.  Receive the liberty and the life that I AM producing on the inside of you.  Receive it, declare it and see that one great truth can change and shift outwardly all things that pertain unto you until heaven come to earth is your ongoing testimony.

April 2, 2018.   The Father says today, you are My temple.  I choose no other dwelling place than the human heart – than YOUR HEART, says God.  You are My temple and I AM driving out those that would merchandise of you in any way.  Between your temples and within your heart I choose to reside and make Myself known to you.  Those thoughts of limitation, sorrow and torment will be driven out by My Spirit even as I drove out the merchandisers from the house of My Father 2,000 years ago.  This is done with your cooperation and your yieldedness to who I AM and what I AM doing on the inside of you.  What you have desired for Me to do outwardly in your life must first take place inwardly.  The strongholds and high things in your mind must be torn down if you ever hope to come out of the prison house of limitation, lack, sickness and sorrow that is encroaching upon you outwardly.  Out of your heart are the issues of life.  If you want to change what is in your life you must allow Me to change what is in your mind and in your heart.  This is accomplished by exchanging the narrative of the negative for the narrative of My word, My promise and My voice that is constantly speaking in the silence between your own thoughts.

Let this mind be in you that is in Me, says God.  Do you realize that this is possible?  My mind – My matchless and limitless mind can and will dwell in your heart and your limited mind as you say yes to My truth and yes to My Spirit and yes to all that I AM saying about what is going on around you.  Reject powerlessness, for you are not powerless.  I have given you all authority and power to speak in My name, even to create in My name.  The dominion I gave Adam is restored in the work of Calvary.  As Adam had authority to subdue and to keep the environment I placed him in, so you have a restored authority in redemption to sustain and maintain by faith the environment you find yourself in.  Purpose this day to militate in your words and in your prayers against every contrary thing in your life that contradicts My promise.  Let the light of who I AM shine into every darkened place IN you and the end result will be that all darkness around you will be driven away.  This is your entitlement as My beloved child, for you are not born of darkness but rather you are born of light, and in that light that I AM there is no disappointment, no powerlessness, no futility, for all is swept away in the torrent of My love as I embrace you and heal you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

April 1, 2018.  The Father says today, blessed are the flexible, they don’t get bent out of shape.  Beloved, never get so entrenched in your thinking or in the sectarian loyalties of men, that you are incapable of breaking free and thinking an original, liberating thought that I give in the very moment that radical transformation is ready to manifest in your life.  Believe in your heart.  Speak with your mouth.  Resist the temptation to check with your peers or your social group whether or not they heard My voice or not.  I was speaking to you and even if those around you think it was just an inaudible thundering, you know that I have opened My mind to you and imparted a vision that will not lie if you will release yourself to all I have promised.

Be prepared to step beyond the boundaries and parameters that others will set for your life.  They can only see My blessing upon you just so far.  As Joseph’s brothers could not stand to think of Joseph’s revealed destiny being realized, know that man’s idea will always be to sell you into slavery to their own Egyptian mentalities.  Learn to hide things in your heart, even as Mary, who knew who I was and knew what I came to do, hid the reality of that truth in her heart until her personal Shiloh came.  You are on Shiloh ground today.  The vision I gave you may not have been understood by others but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t genuine.  Will you listen to man and his doubts or My still, small voice?  Embrace the basic truth of the impossible that I AM bringing about in your life.  Rejoice in what is about to happen, for you will not be left out, says God, in the day of My salvation.


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The Father Says Today – April 2018 — 2 Comments

  1. I believe every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.I have been expecting the greatest revival in Belgium for years I cry out to the Lord and I believe this is the appointed time.Let God rend the heavens and cause true repentance in our pastor and churches.I have been crying for provisions for renting stadium for the greatest revival ever in Europe right in the centre of Europe Belgium.I believe this is the will of God;”This is the confidence that we have in Him,that,if we ask anything according to His will,He hearers us.(1 John 5:14).