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Who Told You the Church Will Escape in a Rapture? — 5 Comments

  1. Sorry..its a pre wrath (great tribulation ) Rapture. The Bride will see tribulation, just not the Father’s wrath.

  2. There was a ‘rapture’ in Noah’s day, but notice, it didn’t remove people from the earth!  That ‘catching away’ was only available to those BELIEVERS who were willing to seek to enter into the ARK, the only safe place on the earth.  In Noah’s day, all men, believers & rebellious alike, endured thru the tribulation, persecution & the preparation building of the ‘safe place of refuge’ until THE DAY the FLOODS CAME.  And then, ONLY the believers entered into the ARK where they were safely “kept under the shadow of His wings”.  Today is the same as in Noah’s day, once again, ONLY the true believers will enter into the ARK.  Those who seek to abide in JESUS, our safe place of refuge, will then be led into wilderness mountains & deserts covered under the shadow of His wings, unseen by the public, when THE DAY the FLOOD of destruction comes that is not intended for believers.  Just as in Noah’s day, some were already working in & on the ARK ahead of time.  Today, God’s children will be led into the ARK & to safe places of refuge by His holy Spirit in the day (or season) of great destruction coming, as He sees fit.  Some are already there, others will enter shortly, but you cannot buy a seat in advance.  Today, JESUS IS THE ARK, & the door is about to be shut.  rick

  3. Praise the living God….I was raised in church and for 60 years believed in the pre-trib rapture until Father spoke to me Matt.24:18..
    That one verse caused me to turn 180 degrees away from what I had believed.  I knew if the rapture had taken place the babies would not still be on this earth.  From that point on, I have sat at His feet for 15 years,learning the Truth about the end times.
    Those that He has sent my way to tell them the truth are pre-tribbers and now I am persecuted.  Thats ok, I have been obedient to Him and expected persecution. I have sowed seeds into their lives, they just don’t know it.
    Father is now having me to write a short summary according to His word why there is no pre-trib rapture. 
    I have to make it short as no one will take the time to read anything long.  It will cause a hunger to know the real truth and He can lead them to the path they must follow. 
    Keep up the obedience to Him, it will set many souls free and not be a part of the great falling away soon to come.  Many blessings to you.

  4. Dear Readers:

    It is the position of His Kingdom Prophecy that we do NOT believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.

    We stand 100% behind and with the views expressed above by Prophet Ken Dewey.

    It is our view that unless Christian believers are prepared for the persecution which will surely come to them, history shows that they will be wiped out and only a remnant will survive.

    Blessings to you all in the name of Jesus,